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5 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Study Abroad In Eastern Europe


Getting any level of degree in a foreign country is a big catch for many Nigerians. And the destinations for this feat are very popular and predictable: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Canada. It is not surprising that many Nigerians overlook the region of Eastern Europe.

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Most often, their choices are shaped by several misconceived notions about the region. In this article, we shall explore 5 reasons why studying abroad in Eastern Europe is better than you think.

  • All Courses Are Available For Study

Against all misconceptions, many Nigerians think Eastern European universities are science-inclined and rarely offer courses in the Arts. However, findings indicate that Eastern European universities offer courses, not just in Sciences, but in Arts and Social Sciences.

These courses are available at undergraduate and graduate levels. For example, several universities in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark offer courses in Arts and Social Sciences. The Scandinavian nations are reputed for having Institute for African Studies.

  • Cost Of Living In Eastern Europe Is Affordable

Cost of living should be an important consideration when choosing a country of study. The beauty of Eastern Europe lies in its cheap cost of living when compared to the U.S and Western Europe. Smaller countries like Lithuania and the Czech Republic are good examples. This affords the student the opportunity to save money and stay out of debt.

The cities are not crowded with tourists compared to cities like London and Paris, explaining why there can’t be an unnecessary hike in the cost of things. Furthermore, Eastern Europe is networked with railways, which is the cheapest form of transportation.

  • There Is No Language Barrier

Most Nigerians who seek abroad studies do not make Eastern Europe a choice for the fear of a communication barrier. They believe that people in this region speak a thick Russian-sounding kind of language. However, this is not true. Most Eastern Europeans, surprisingly, speak well-enough English Language. Although, it might not be polished like that of an English native, due to their accent, but you can communicate effectively with the locals.

You can also make friends with other people from other parts of the world who have come there for studies. In Eastern European universities, the professors and staff speak English at a professional level.

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  • The Student Life Is Exciting

It is normal that every student wants to have an exciting moment during their abroad study. The experience in Eastern Europe affords such life. Away from the stereotypical notions about Eastern Europeans being boring, never-smiling and gloomy individuals, the region is the home of ancient theatre life and entertainment.

Most Eastern European countries still have their ancient castles standing, which adds beauty to the sights and sounds of the region. The region has a thriving nightlife. When schoolwork takes a toll on you, it is important to relax in one of their beautiful bars or restaurants and dine over a plate of pork sauce and a glass of wine.

The weekends in Eastern Europe are busy with concerts and festivals, and one can take time out to hang out with friends. It is never a boring time at Eastern European weekends.

  • Rich Cultural Heritage

Eastern Europe is blessed with rich cultural heritage and they express them in their everyday life. Their dressing code can be very exciting. The people engage heavily in handcrafts professions. Their music is peppered with countless musical instruments. The region is blessed with local, delicious cuisines.

Russia, for example, is very rich with a variety of cuisines that range from food made with rice and wheat to beef, mutton and wine. In Lithuania, you will experience the coolness of the Baltic coast. The people are also huge lovers of agriculture, and farming is an essential part of their cultural lifestyle.


Studying in Eastern Europe comes with a whole new experience for a Nigerian who chooses to study there. It is advisable to do a background check on these universities and their application requirements before applying.

Also, bear in mind that Eastern Europe offers quality education like her counterparts in the Western world at a cheaper rate. Graduating from Eastern European universities presents students with educational and life-changing opportunities. The cost of living in these countries will keep you out of debt, and the rich cultural heritage will leave you exhilarating.

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Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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