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5 Reasons You Should Use Honey Every Day

Honey is a sweet product made by bees from flowers’ nectar. Its natural sweetness – courtesy of Fructose, Glucose, Maltose and Sucrose sugars – has made it a preferred ingredient for foods and beverages for centuries.

We won’t bore you with any more known facts. Instead, we’ll point out reasons why many people around the world are completely in love with this great gift from nature.

1. Moisturizer: Honey’s a great moisturizer for almost everything. From your hair to your lips and skin, you’re guaranteed better softness with ease. For a nice body lotion, simply warm up a desired quantity over a saucepan until it gets to a liquid consistency. Then, mix up with preferred oils like coconut and olive oil.

2. Cold relief: Down with the flu? Make yourself a refreshing hot cup of green tea with lime and you guessed it, honey. Raw honey is super rich in Vitamin C and works well with the other ingredients to clear up your sinuses and fight infections.

3. Fruit preserver: You can actually preserve fruits like berries in jars of honey! According to The Huffington Post, all you need is one part honey to ten parts water to cover your berries.

4. Wound dresser: Did you know that Manuka honey was the primary therapy in fighting infections up until the early 20th century? That was until the advent of penicillin. Today, many people still use it to rapidly heal wounds and scars, and you should too.

5. Alternative to sugar: If you’re on a low-calorie diet, or are just after a healthier lifestyle, ditch your cubes of white sugar for spoonfuls of healthy honey. It’s about 80 calories lesser than white sugar with far less carbs.





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Ify Halim is a Writer and media enthusiast based in Lagos. She enjoys writing self-help/inspirational articles with published work in UYD Magazine, Edufrica, Our Stories Inc. and The Keele Concourse. She currently works at, Nigeria’s Information Portal. Follow her on Twitter @MissHalim or visit her online space at

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