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5 Steps To Being More Of An Optimist


In my personal observations about life, I discovered that being an optimist is one of the most valuable personality traits you can ever acquire in your life. Lack of optimism has killed many ideas, careers, and businesses. The absence of optimism is pessimism, which is the mother of fear, doubt, inaction, ingratitude, slothfulness, underachievement, frustration and many others.

Optimism is seeing light right inside the darkest tunnel. Being optimistic can engulf your spirit with fire for action, pull down obstacles and so on. According to research, optimists enjoy a healthy lifestyle, which includes greater achievement, greater health, a sense of perseverance toward goals, greater emotional health, increased longevity, and lower reactivity to stress. This makes them happy people.

How you define life and interpret events, determine if you’re optimistic or not. In this article, I show five ways to being more optimistic.

  1. Look To The Bright Side Of Life

One of the ways I boost my optimism is that I look at the bright side of life using my mind. Most times, I pen down my glorious future, I just believe that whatever pain I’m facing is just a phase. Good things have happened to me before, it’ll certainly happen to me again.

  1. Cut off Negative People And Materials

To remain optimistic, I cut off people and materials (newspapers, TV, social media) that peddle bad news, negativities, and all sorts of superstitious beliefs. I try as much as possible to practise deliberate deafness towards negative news and thoughts that wafts in the airwaves.

  1. Believe You’re Destined For Greatness

If you want to remain optimistic, you must craft your own path with your mind and your actions. I try as much as possible to hypnotise myself to a point whereby I see myself breaking boundaries. Our belief system often determines if we remain optimistic or pessimistic. One of the ways to build an optimistic life is to review your belief system. I don’t how the future is going to turn out, but I’m cocksure that it will turn out in my favour. I hold strongly to a positive belief system by writing, confessing, affirming and simply believing that I am bound for greatness

  1. Listen To Motivationals

Occasionally, in order to remain fired up with optimism, I watched motivational videos, listening to podcasts of those who have triumphed, read books that fire my spirit. What you listen to or watch determines your content, and content determines the course of your life.

  1. Forgive Yourself, Others, And Let Go Of The Past

You must forgive yourself and others and let go of past betrayals, hurts, missed opportunities, and bad choices. The past is gone and lost forever, you can’t retrieve it to correct it, but you certainly have your present in your hands and your future ahead of you. Most often, our pain makes us seem we are not deserving of anything good. You see, you can make the rest of your life the best part of your life. See yourself as deserving of every good thing of life. Stop believing you’re cut out for the worst or you’re a creature designed for evil. Put that thought behind you because you’re the only one who’s thinking that way. We have all got a dirty past, but many of us are correcting it by changing the way we think by letting go. Stop keeping pain and grief in your possession. It’s not worth it.

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Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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