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5 Tips on How to Download Safely From the Internet

  1. Ask for recommendations
    A number of people you know should have an online presence and have experiences of downloading from different sites. You can ask your friends to recommend a safe site to download. Do not rely only on Google to give you results of websites to download.
  2. Download with virus checkers
    There are virus checker extensions which you can download that will help you check if it is safe to download or not to download from particular websites. Hence, when next you want to download ensure that you activate and update the virus checker.
  3. Download from reputable sites
    There are thousands of sites which you can download movies. But this does not give you the pass to download movies indiscriminately. Unless you want a virus ridden system, make use of the virus checker that will help you determine whether the site is safe or not.
  4. Read reviews before downloading
    Depending on what you want to download, the reviews of other users can help you decide if you should download or not. For instance, if you want to download a song or movie, reviews will tell you if it is safe to download from the websites. Also, the ratings of the page can also help you decide if you should download.  
  5. Scan files before opening
    There are files you may not make use of immediately. You want to save it for later. After saving and downloading the file, do not open except you scan. This is safe because if your antivirus detects any virus, you can simply delete it before it swims into your system.  
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Adeniyi is a freelance writer and journalist, radio freak, news junkie and budding photographer. He writes on tech, tips and travel for Jovago. Connect with him via Twitter @sleeksavvy.

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