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6 Powerful Ways to Make Your Boss Love You

Sometimes the most difficult person we manage is our boss (I can almost hear the giant Amen! as you read that). It is true. Bosses can sometimes be hard to manage, but manage them we must. When we don’t, we can expect such things as unrealistic deadlines, unclear expectations, ambiguous assignments, faltering support, generalized reactivity, defensive interactions and the utmost one, “isolation” (You know, you against the whole world). So you can either choose to enjoy your job by focusing on building an unquestionable credibility and confidence with your boss or you end up being frustrated – scratch that … very frustrated. Below are six sure ways to demonstrate initiative and win your boss’ heart.

1. INITIATE FOLLOW UPS: There is nothing like making it unnecessary for your boss to ask. One of the best ways to demonstrate initiative is by initiating follow ups and demonstrating follow through with your assignments and projects. It’s very important to make sure your boss does not have to constantly chase and seek you out in order to get an update or check up on a deadline.

2. COMMUNICATE GOALS AND PRIORITIES: At the beginning of every week, give your boss a copy of your action plan. Highlight your top priorities and deliverables. Then at the end of the week, make sure to debrief him/her your results and setbacks. You can simply do this by sending a brief email but the utmost plan is to be consistent at it.

3. EMBRACE A “NO SURPRISE” POLICY: Believe me bosses really hate surprises when it comes down to issues and results. Constantly make it your policy that your boss will never be surprised by bad news, at least never by you.

4. PRESENT SOLUTIONS: It’s alright to bring issues forward to your boss, but make sure you also bring options, suggestions and recommendations along with the issues. You can even decide to make it your personal goal to always seek out solutions before presenting the issues. Constantly look out for what costs too much, takes too long, or is poor in quality, and then take time out to do research and develop recommendations for improvement based on your findings.

5. ADAPT TO YOUR BOSS’ COMMUNICATION STYLE: Does your boss prefer the details or just the highlights? Does he/she like to be updated via emails, text messages or perhaps in person? Adjust your communication style to match these preferences and watch your credibility grow.

6. FIND A NEED: Look for corporate cause and get behind it. Be the voice for something that will make the organisation and people in it better.


About the Writer:
Eniola Adeniji is a woman after God’s own heart, a motivational Writer, Speaker, Fashion and Photography addict. She is also a Business Developer, Social Media Manager and the founder of Woman Of Value. She blogs at

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