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6 Signs You Have An Entrepreneurial Spirit



While growing up, I usually take cognisance of my traits so as to understand myself. Sometimes, I could ask friends to tell me what they thought of me. Their positions were the same – I was energetic, driven, always wanting to lead, and even bossy. These notions affected the way I viewed myself. As I began to advance in age, anytime I wanted to venture into something new or people want to commit a task into my hands, I usually ask myself if I had all it takes to get it done. Knowing my strengths, weaknesses, and my general trait as a person made me make decisive choices for my life.

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When I began the entrepreneurial journey I asked myself, aside from the business ideas and the capital, do I have the grit to sustain myself in this journey? I did my soul searching, studied other successful entrepreneurs, and I discovered six major signs that indicated that one had an entrepreneurial spirit.

In this article, I discuss these six signs. If you have these six signs, then you’ve all it takes to be an entrepreneur.

  1. You Love To Lead

If you find yourself always agitating to be in leadership positions then you have the spirit of entrepreneurship. Taking lead roles whether as a student leader or as a captain in a soccer team, and every sense of leading attracts you, then you have the inherent ability to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone loves to take up leadership positions due to the challenges and hassles that come with it.

  1. You’re Resourceful

Do you respond to problems quickly by looking for solutions? For instance, your ability to think on your feet and dish out answers to questions is what you do at ease. The most successful entrepreneurs are resourceful when life gets tough. Entrepreneurs will tell you that running your own business requires creativity and quick thinking.

  1. You Rarely Have Thinking Paralysis

When called in the time of emergency, your response to it determines if you have the necessary traits of an entrepreneur. For instance, tragedy could strike at any moment, which could be a major natural disaster, a death of a friend or family member, or an accident, and your community members need you urgently, and you’re able to attend swiftly to such emergency with a degree of level-headedness, then entrepreneurship is for you.

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  1. You’re A Risk Taker

Entrepreneurship is largely a risk-taking venture. Starting a business means you’re going to take a chance on yourself. Sometimes, I usually take cognisance of the little things I do that shows that I am a risk-taker. One of those events that made me aware that I was a risk-taker was when I decided to take a leap of faith by designing carnival clothes at the age of 12 for money. Sometimes, selling pancakes as a teenager, even though I had no potential buyer in sight, was one of the biggest risks I took as a kid.

  1. You’re Inspired By Challenges

It’s a natural tendency to flee from challenges, but this is not the same with you. Rather challenges are opportunities for you to make a point. As a child growing up and belonging to a football team where I played as a goalie, being a goalkeeper was me, taking up the challenge of saving my team from numerous defeats. Sometimes, choosing to represent my class in an interclass competition when no one had the courage to, showed that I was an entrepreneur by nature.

  1. You’re Rarely Discouraged By Setbacks

This is one of my strengths as an individual. I’ve had my own share of failures. In fact, I have moved from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm. One of the traits of an entrepreneur is to bounce back after every failure. If you are easily depressed by failure, entrepreneurship is certainly not for you. You have to develop your adversity quotient before stepping into the business world.

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Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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