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6 Action-Packed Made In Nigeria Animation Films You Should See

The Sim

The Sim

The Sim is an animated, action-packed sci-fi short film by Anthill Studios. A little girl is left with no option but to fight for her survival after she is caught in a computer simulation. She makes a disturbing discovery in the process.

Anthill hopes to make The Sim into a web series, starting with this.



Ayodeji’s boring afternoon comes to life at the discovery that his toys aren’t just playthings. They can do amazing things.

War The Third

Kalou, a character in the animation, is part of an elite squad with orders to infiltrate a military facility and retrieve the codes of a nuclear bomb. Enjoy Iink animation’s impressive visual effects in this action packed short film.

Mark of Uru

Mark of Uru

Azuka is a little girl whose execution becomes imminent seeing that she was born with a tribal mark, resembling the tattoo of a late wicked sorceress. Her life is spared when Isi Agu and Etido intervene in protecting her and her people from destruction. Against the backdrop of chaos resulting from her survival, Azuka goes in search of answers.

Business And Pleasure

Idara’s life is at risk after she fails to assassinate a man she admires, as instructed. She has to watch her back at every point from then on. Business and Pleasure was produced by Trans Tales Entertainment and released in March 2018.

Enemy of The Rising Sun

Enemy of the Rising Sun

Ikenna fights in a deadly war that pitches his parents people against each other. He fights for the rebel army protecting the interest of his father’s side until he is met with a decision to save or kill his maternal uncle. His decision turns him into the enemy and he must save himself.

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