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Did You Know? 7 Things A Food Processor Can Do

My people, I dey greet oh!   Hope you had a restful weekend. Mine was busy; I spent most of it in the kitchen. I made three different soups on Saturday. On Sunday, I made stew for the week and then I made fried rice and salad for lunch. Anyways, the koko of my gist is that while I was shredding the carrot and cabbage with my food processor, it occurred to me that a lot of people may not know that this wonderful kitchen gadget can actually shred vegetables. It’s for this reason that I decided to do a piece on the many wonders that the food processor can perform.

Now, before I address today’s topic, I hope you know that a food processor is a kitchen tool that shares a similar function with the blender but it is more versatile. It is used to handle such labour-intensive cooking tasks as blending, shredding, mincing, mixing, kneading. That said, the food processor can do the following:

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Pound Yam: Most people enjoy pounded yam. In fact, soups like Ofe Nsala will hit all the sweet spots in your body if it’s paired with pounded yam. However,  pounding yam with pestle and mortar is an onerous task; it has caused many people who don’t have a yam pounder to switch to semo. This is why I thank God for multifunctional kitchen equipment like the food processor. If you have it at home,  you don’t have to substitute pounded yam with semo. Just boil your yam. Add it to the bowl of your food processor and let your food processor do your work for you.

Mix and knead Dough: Did you know that the fastest and easiest way to knead any kind of dough is in the food processor? I know that I’ve piqued your interest. Oya, tell your neighbour to come and learn something. The rapid action of the food processor’s blade can make the dough elastic in minutes. It also ensures that the dry and wet ingredients are well mixed.

Wash Bitter Leaves: If you ever need to wash fresh bitter leaves, just think food processor. Rinse the leaves, then boil for seven to ten minutes; this would remove some of the bitter taste. Attach the dough blade to the food processor then add the bitter leaves and little water to its bowl. Cover it and turn the knob to max. Finish. Just like that, the food processor will do the job of wash your bitter leaves for you. Is this device not wonderful, bikonu?

Extract Oil from Banga: Banga oil extraction is one stressful aspect of banga stew making. It is typically done with pestle and mortar. But if you have a food processor, this beautiful equipment will handle this task in no time. Can you now see why you need this equipment in your kitchen?

Make Puree for Kids: Store-bought baby foods are convenient but with homemade baby food, you know exactly what your child is eating. I like my baby’s food fresh; I also like the fact that all the ingredients in it are known to me. Now, one ‘must have’ kitchen gadget for homemade baby food is a blender or food processor. If you have any of these, you can just pour the cooked food into it, turn the equipment on and puree the food till it’s smooth. Just like that, baby food is ready.

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Grate Okro: Omo, whoever says the stress-free life is not good likes being a regular customer to sickness. I like living a stress-free life and owning a food processor has made my cooking responsibilities so much easier. Because I have it, I cook Okro soup without breaking a sweat. I simply cut my Okro boldly then I transfer it to the food processor, once that is done, I use the speed one and off button to grate my Okro.

Mince Meat: Ground beef is a staple ingredient in our kitchen. A lot of people buy it from the store. But correct babes like me prefer homemade ingredients. Thus, if you want to mincemeat at home, you just need the beef and food processor They are tasty and healthy, shey you get?

So these are some of the kitchen tasks that the food processor can carry out for you. See why it’s a must-have kitchen gadget?

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