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7 Things to Remember When You Think You Aren’t Good Enough


So, I learned something new today; there is the wounded self and the higher self in each of us. The wounded self always wants to settle because it believes that we are not good enough, while the higher self wants more than settling because it believes in the best it can be. The greatest battle we all have to fight and defeat, is believing that we are not good enough, and this battle is one of the mind. So here are seven things you need to remember in this battle to constantly remind yourself that you are good enough and worthy of the best.

1. “This is my path; no one can walk it better than I can because no one can be me”: You are exceptional and should not compare yourself to anyone else, because they are not you and can never walk your path. At this moment, you need to forget what everyone else is doing and live your life.

2. “It will all make sense in the end”: Tough times sometimes make no sense to us when all we feel is the pain and do not understand why we have to go through them. This is the time you need to tell yourself that it will mean something when it all comes together.

3. “I choose to be at peace with myself”: It is hard to be at peace with the thought that you might not be good enough. If you cannot change the situation you have found yourself in, you can at least change your thoughts.

4. “I can try again”: Yes, you can! And this time, you are stronger and more capable to handle the situation because you have failed, you have studied the loopholes and you can win this time.

5. “I can dream”: When you think you are not good enough, that’s the time you need to let your higher self dream about the best you want to be, and can be. It is time for you to visualize what you want and wipe out of your mind what you don’t want. Focus on what makes you happy. If you find a way to live your dream, what else are you waiting for?

6. “I have no other choice than to be good enough”: Think about it, how else can you be good enough aside from giving yourself no other choice than to be good enough? Figure out what skills or expertise you need to make you feel good enough, and run after it. Once you know what you need to do, all you have to do is to get it done.

7. “I am good enough”: Truth is, you don’t need to do anything or say anything or be anything to be good enough, because you already are. All you need to do is just own it, and live out that reality. Be the best you can be!


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