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8 Popular Mis-Used Titles In The Content Business Industry


A Content Marketer is a Multipurpose writer. They write content based on their predefined content pillars. A content marketer writes from a marketing angle.

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There are various titles a freelance content specialist can call him/herself, but most freelancers who don’t know what to call themselves end up mixing it all up. Well, you shouldn’t anymore. This post summarises 8 of those titles and what they do.

1 – Content Marketing

2 – Content Writing

3 – Content Management

4 – Content Strategist

5 – Content Developer

6 – Content Designer

7 – Content Curator

8 – Content Creative

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an Intentional marketing approach delivered through creating and distributing useful and relevant CONTENTs to Attract, Educate, Entertain and Retain a clearly defined audience — The ultimate goal is to make them take the desired call to action.

A Content Marketer is a Multipurpose writer. They write content based on their predefined content pillars. A content marketer writes from a marketing angle.

Content Writing

Simply means writing for the web, and there are tons of stuff to write about. Those who do this writing are called Content Writers aka Online writers

A Content writer can write  Blogposts, Web Contents, Articles, Explainer Scripts, Video scripts, White Papers, Business posts, Webinars, and much more.

A Content writer can write for Magazines, Blogs, Websites, Instagram, FB Groups, Twitter, Wikipedia, Medium, Substack, Reddits and tons of others etc.

Content writers are needed in tons of different industries such as Ecoms, Finance, Health & Wellness, Saas, Tech, Education, Personal Development, Entertainment, Sport, etc.

Content Management

This is an advanced level of content writing. They are generally responsible for updating, tweaking, adjusting, editing and finetuning web content. They have technical skills that enable them to do just more than writing. Some of the technical skills may include but are not limited to SEO, website design, web hosting, frontend management, back end management, content planning etc

A Content Manager can work with Ecom Brands, Course Sites, Magazines and any Business that constantly needs to update its web presence.

Content Strategist

Does Everything a Content writer & Content Manager does but much more. Strategy is very important in the world of online communication hence The Content strategist is like a battle general. 

Although their core function is to develop a content strategy based on the client or company business objective, they are also concerned with planning, creating, managing, monitoring and analysing the day to day performance of their content campaigns.

Content Developer

Are a version of multi-skilled Content Writers. Apart from Writing, they have mastered other complementary skills which makes it easier for them to do much more than only writing.

Skills like editing, proofreading, course creation, slide designing, automation and the likes

Content Designer

If you check online, you’ll see different definitions for a content designer but they are all confusing and I see it differently.

In my simple opinion, A Content Designer is a writer who knows how to creatively display Words in pictures using design tools like canva, photoshop, coreldraw and the likes.

Content Curator

Also called affiliate content creators are the butterflies of the content creation world. They are not the original creators, they are more like content distributors or redistributors.

What they do is Research, Sift, Sort and Share what they consider to be the best content for their audience. The same way a butterfly shares pollen from petals to petals.

Content Creative

This title belongs to everyone and anyone involved in the content creation process. As long as you are an original contributor to any form of content, then you are a creative and should be free to call yourself one

So, there you have the 8 titles and their definitions. The beauty of these titles is that you can merge two or more as your freelance service to sell.

But knowing how to write correctly ( as a content writer) is the foundation for all.

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About Meg Ricketts

Meg Ricketts is A Freelance Content Marketing Writer For Service-Based Businesses. She is also the Creator of Freelancing.Bootcamp where she teaches Freelancers how to productize their freelance service

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