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Social Media Marketing Tips: 10 Content Ideas For A New Youtuber| Part 2

Sometimes, it can be daunting coming up with content ideas for a social media platform, especially when it is on YouTube. This article will guide you on the niche you can choose for your new YouTube channel and show you why and how different content ideas work. 

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Book Reviews 

When people read books, they often long for or seek like-minded individuals who they can discuss the books with. Creating a “book review” YouTube channel can help draw such individuals together. Since this is a targeted niche, it will ensure that you have less competition and help you establish an audience that is willing to engage with you. To run this kind of channel, you must be an avid reader and be able to keep up with the latest best-selling books in the genre you’re conversant with. 


A lot of people are in search of guidance on how to enhance their wardrobe. As long as you’re stylish, providing style tips, keeping people abreast of new trends and styles, and evaluating new clothing can help you build a loyal following of stylish individuals. Once your channel has become popular, attracting sponsors who will pay you to market their products and special deals to your audience wouldn’t be a hassle at all.


If you have a great sense of humour, then you can leverage it to generate income on YouTube. From comedy skits to parody videos and bloopers, there are many ways you can brand your comedy videos on YouTube. 

Interestingly, many popular YouTubers have grown this way by creating comedy skits. For instance, viral child sensation Emmanuella, who many know mostly for her “This is not my real face” video became popular through comedy skits on the Mark Angel Youtube channel.

A large percentage of videos watched on Youtube are comedy skits, so this is a niche that is very marketable in 2019. 


In order to succeed in this niche, one must have a passion for travel and be able to give people firsthand experience on what it’s like to travel to destination cities or countries. As long as you have the budget, you can record your adventures in these places and give people an idea of what to expect if they embark on such a trip.

Unboxing Videos 

In a world of cutting-edge technologies, people want to know if they are investing their money in the right gadgets and electronics. As a result, unboxing videos have become a big deal on Youtube. You can record yourself unveiling cool new products on Youtube and upload the videos to Youtube. 

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