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All You Need To Know About Snorkelling In Nigeria

Under the sea, Under the sea. Darling, it’s better down where it’s wetter Take it from me…” cooed Sebastian the crab when he tried to convince Ariel that being in the ocean was far more fascinating than being on land. If you love swimming and watching videos of aquatic life on the ocean floor on Nat Geo Wild, you will agree that the underwater world is fascinating.

Although snorkelling involves floating on the surface to get constant air while viewing the aquatic world, you can also dive into the deep to see other things like a sunken ship in the water.

Places To Go Snorkelling in Nigeria

We can experience the wonders of the deep as adventurous tourists by Snorkelling. Snorkelling is a fun way to observe coral and marine life in their habitat while not coming up every second for air. It can be done right here in Nigeria too. There are a few places you can go to for such an experience, such as Ibeno beach in Akwa Ibom State, Abraka Beach in Delta state, Finima Beach on Bonny Island in Rivers State and some beaches in Lagos State.

What You Need To Go Snorkelling

The gear you need for snorkelling includes swim fins (not compulsory), face mask and a snorkel. The face mask can be either full-face mask which has an inbuilt snorkel or a diving mask which is separate from the snorkel. While the latter allows you to dive into the water for a closer look, the former is best for staying on the surface. If the water temperature is low, it’s best to wear a swimsuit to go snorkelling to keep your body temperature up. Some people like to use swimming goggles which do not cover the nose rather than diving masks which does, and that’s okay too as long as they stay on the surface of the water or near a boat. Last but not least is a Buoyancy/Snorkelling vest or a Life jacket (Type II or Type III PFD) which helps to keep you afloat. You can even get your gear from Jumia or from a Snorkelling Club like @lagossnorkeling.

How To Go Snorkelling

Snorkelling is a leisure activity (not a sport) so you may not need to be the best swimmer in the world before trying it out. You could get some lessons on how to float in water which is a basic swimming lesson and instructions on how to breathe or move in the water to avoid potential problems.

Once that is done, these are what you need to do to go Snorkelling:

  1. Get comfortable in your gear– make sure your face mask and buoyancy vest fits you properly. Make sure the face mask comfortably sealed around your nose and eyes; adjust it with the straps if it isn’t. Bite down on the mouthpiece of your snorkel and enclose it with your lips to keep the snorkel firmly in place.
  2. Take Position– Lie flat on the water surface at an angle with your snorkel up in the air.
  3. Breathe– Take slow and deep breaths with your mouth through the snorkel. You can practise with your head out of the water. Just don’t panic or swim when your heart is racing. Once your breathing is rhythmic, and you feel relaxed, allow yourself to swim and enjoy the aquatic scenery.

Just as Moana said, “the Ocean is a friend of mine”, it should be yours too. So go on a snorkelling adventure one of these days and have a jolly good time.


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