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5 Health Benefits of Bananas You Should Know

From fighting against cancer to relieving depression, you will be surprised to know the amazing health benefits research shows that bananas provide. The green-yellow fruit stands out as a highly nutritious food option, being rich in potassium and magnesium minerals along with a generous dose of Vitamins A and C. Undoubtedly, this makes it a must-have ingredient in fruit salads, smoothies and desserts, also thanks to its scrumptious, creamy taste.

Read on to learn these useful benefits:

1. Relieves mood swings and depression: Women can relate to the emotional rollercoaster that takes place just before “that time of the month”. According to American food nutritionists, James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch of Food Matters, eating bananas is a great way to combat PMS symptoms, along with depression notably. This is because of the fruit’s high levels of tryptophan which coverts into the happy-hormone called serotonin.

2. Eases stomach discomfort: Feeling constipated? Or are you having a bad case of diarrhoea? The high fibre content in bananas helps to empty the bowel, resolving constipation. It also restores electrolytes lost from the body through diarrhoea as it soothes the body’s digestive tracts.

3. Boosts energy levels: People on exercise regimens should add bananas to their diets, considering its high levels of Vitamin B6 which converts food ingested into energy. With this in mind, you should also include bananas in your breakfast to start the day right.

4. Good for the heart: Bananas are a major source of potassium which has been proven to improve blood pressure and possibly lower cholesterol. Heartbeat issues can also be resolved with potassium which enables the organ to beat in the first place. Popular medical information hub, WebMD dispels the myth of potassium treating heart disease which is certainly worth noting.

5. Cuts risk of kidney cancer: According to a 2005 scientific study conducted in Sweden, eating fruits and vegetables – bananas in particular – can significantly help to cut the risk of kidney cancer in adults. This effect is linked to the fruit’s high levels of antioxidant phenolic compounds.


Do you know additional benefits of bananas? Do share them with fellow readers below.


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Ify Halim is a Writer and media enthusiast based in Lagos. She enjoys writing self-help/inspirational articles with published work in UYD Magazine, Edufrica, Our Stories Inc. and The Keele Concourse. She currently works at, Nigeria’s Information Portal. Follow her on Twitter @MissHalim or visit her online space at

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