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Aboki Run


App Of The Week: Aboki Run

Aboki Run, the Nigerian game that set the ball rolling on Google Play Store in 2016, is a 3D “endless runner” game designed by Maliyo Games – Nigeria’s Premier mobile gaming startup.

This game, which ushered in an era of other typical Nigerian generic and runner games, can be said to have hit the jackpot, especially since it came at a time when foreign games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers already held sway on our screens. The game became the most successful 3D endless runner mobile game on the African continent. A quick search for “Nigerian Games on Google Play store” will show the game standing at second place among other top-tier Nigerian games.

Meet The Three Friends

Aboki Run 3


Danjuma, Gbenga, and Chinedu are three “abokis” (friends) you will be helping by taking them on a journey to discover more about their ancestral home. They are easily recognized by their distinctive traditional attires, each representing the three major tribes in Nigeria – Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo respectively. However, don’t celebrate too early because you will have to acquire a certain amount of coins by using Danjuma first before you can have access to the other friends, Chinedu and Gbenga, who have been “padlocked”.

Once you’ve been acquainted with them, you will be introduced to three scenes namely Cave, Forest, and Town. As a part of the task, you will also have to sail through each successive scene and gain more coins to open the next. Once you’re done with choosing your character and scene, the actual act of playing the game begins. The game’s theme involves you endlessly running through the dark caves and forests, gathering cowries and as many coins as you can get, and disrupting ‘Owambe’ parties just to save yourself from the danger lurking behind.  In an overall sense, the game is a straight-forward one with an interesting theme that can keep you addicted and get you hooked for days.

A Truly Indigenous African Game

Aboki Run has achieved remarkable feats within the short span that it has been around; from being the first Nigerian game by Maliyo Games to be featured on Google Play store, to being featured across the regions of North America, South America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, North Africa Asia-Pacific, and the rest of Africa and getting over fifty thousand downloads and countless applauds for its creative design and thoughtful African themed setting. Indeed, the Maliyo brand aims to paint a better picture of Africa by sharing the African experience with a global audience through a fun and gaming approach. The company has published a total of 15 games across web platforms including Aboki Run. 


Get The App

Aboki Run is available on Google Play store for free on any Android-supporting device. It has hundreds of decent reviews and has been downloaded multiple times.

Click here to download Aboki Run.


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