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App Of The Week: Hudibia

The health sector in Nigeria still has its shortcomings, especially in the areas of emergency management and infrastructure necessary for quality health care.

With a whopping population of over a hundred and fifty million people, Nigeria needs a health sector replete with medical facilities and high-functioning medical professionals. One of the technologies aiming to achieve this goal is Hudibia.


Hudibia is an app developed to smooth out the processes of health consultation and health care services to a high degree. Launched in 2014 by a Nigerian medical doctor Ahjoku Amadi-Obi, Hudibia is an Igbo word meaning “see A Doctor”With a host of resources and facilities in its base, Hudibia seems set to disrupt the Nigerian medical scene.

An Array Of Doctors

One of the challenges the health sector in Nigeria is currently facing is the shortage of medical health professionals. Hudibia is, however, tackling this problem by having an array of over 200 doctors in different categories of medicine in its database. These comprise Ophthalmologists, Pediatricians, gynecologists, and pharmacists both home and abroad. With this abundance of doctors, users can easily look up a doctor anywhere in the world and book an appointment at a cost-effective rate.


hudibia 1

An Unconventional Means To See The Doctor

Hudibia is designed to reach a large audience as it has translator icons for Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa languages. Users on Hudibia have access to a wide range of services; they can arrange for hospital visits and house calls for themselves or loved one using the app.  Hudibia also provides users with a wealth of information on common health-care problems. The most interesting feature on the app is the ability for patients to have live consultations with doctors via live video stream.

To make referrals to other health-care providers possible, the app has stored in its database, an archive of patients’ records which are made available for transfers to other health care professionals when required. With apps like Hudibia coming on board, “contacting the doctor” has never been much easier.

Ensuring Quality Service

To ensure that medical practitioners registered on Hudibia are meeting the demands of patients, the app monitors the performance of these medical practitioners through a special team.

Getting The App

The app is available on both Google and Apple play stores.

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