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App Of The Week: Kangpe

Have you ever thought of the possibility of receiving diagnosis about a physical ailment through an app without having to visit a hospital? With Kangpe, this is now a reality and health care has become more accessible for the average Nigerian who may not have access to a physical  hospital.

Although Kangpe by no means, replaces a standard hospital, the app is a quick solution for those with minor ailments who need a convenient way to access the doctor for answers. They can easily punch in questions related to their ailments and get answers in the shortest time possible for a small fee within 10 minutes. Kangpe was launched by three friends: Femi Kuti, Ope Olumekan, and Matthew Mayaki in 2015.


Meet The App

Kangpe uses a cut to the chase and straightforward method to ensure that patients’ health-related questions are answered in a relatively short time. Through its interactive user interface, patients can type in their questions in text bot on the homepage and click submit to receive answers within 10 minutes. Scrolling down the page shows you an archive of questions other patients have previously asked on the platform and you can click on the ‘read more’ icon to see answers that were relayed to them.

This serves as an alternative way for patients to get answers to get their answers without having to actually ask. The app also provides health information, tips, and discounts through its blog, ‘health tip of the day’ and ‘deal of the day’ features.

Navigating Through The App

Once Kangpe has been downloaded and set for use, you can register using your email and provide other required details like your gender, location, referral code (if any) and so on. You can then type in the question you have and you are also given the option of taking a picture of the body area that ails you and uploading it on the app to provide the doctor with a visual cue about the problem at hand; Kangpe has also included, a period calendar to help female users monitor their periods. The payment structure on the app is quite flexible with users having the option of three payment plans namely, Standard, Basic, and Premium.

Presently, Kangpe operates in Ghana and Kenya and has well over 100 thousand downloads on Google Play store. In a nutshell, the Kangpe founders with the best medical care at reasonable price points.

Getting The App

The app is available on Google Play store. Click here to download it.

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