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App of The Week: Lyrics Nigeria

As the name implies, Lyrics Nigeria is an app that lets you read the lyrics of Nigerian songs while listening to their streamed instrumentals. Think of all the times you tried to learn the lyrics of a song you really liked but couldn’t catch up because the song was too fast or the lyrics were not clear. It is at times like this that the Lyrics Nigeria app comes in handy.

I decided to get a feel of the app and here is what think

Meet The App

I discovered Lyrics Nigeria while searching for another ap on Google Pay store and immediately became curious about what it had to offer. After a quick download from the play store, I was able to start using it without any form of registration. The app’s layout is uncluttered making it quite easy to navigate through. The background colors are green and white green representing the colours of the Nigerian flag.

 Once the app had loaded completely, I could see a large number of songs arrayed from top to bottom. So I clicked on the first one I saw and immediately the lyrics of the song as well as the streamed instrumentals came up. Singing the lyrics of the song while the instrumentals played reminded me of the experience at Karaoke bars where you can sing song lyrics while listening to their pre-recorded tracks. Personally, I think this app would be particularly resourceful for upcoming music artists who are interested in making cover versions of popular songs and also experimenting with their artistic style.

But I digress; the app is fairly plain but reasonably easy to navigate. It contains only one page and then a sidebar located at the left-hand side. You can add any song you like to the “favourites” list by clicking on the love sign by the song. The Lyrics Nigeria app also lets users upload lyrics of any song they find.  It also has songs in different genres including Afro Pop, Gospel, Hip Hop, and R&B.

There is a catch to all these benefits. Lyrics Nigeria offers only a free 3-day trial after which you have to sign up for a monthly subscription of N550. You can cancel your subscription on the Google Play store at any time before the expiration of the 3-day time limit. 

Getting The App

Lyrics Nigeria is available on the Google Play store at a size of 7.2MB and is compatible with android versions from 4.0.3 and above. It has decent reviews and has been downloaded multiple times. Click the link below to download it


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