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Gaming has evolved from a simple way to pass the time to one of the most profitable industries. Usage data has shown that 59.9% of games were played on mobile compared to 28.70% and 16.11% played on PC and console, respectively in 2020.

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Africa’s gaming industry has been experiencing unprecedented growth for the past 3 years, in spite of the pandemic. Meanwhile, talents are continually thinning out. Part of the reasons for this growth is seen with growing broadband, a climbing youthful population and smartphone penetration.

Banking on this growth trend, Google has sealed a partnership deal with Maliyo Games to expose Nigerian game developers to better opportunities in the booming gaming industry.

Founded in 2012, Maliyo Games has grown to become one of Nigeria’s longest-standing Android game development studios publishing Africa-themed games on the Google Play Store.

The application process will consist of two stages which applicants will have to scale through before final shortlisting.

Stage one involves filling the online application form on the company’s website.

Stage two involves shortlisted candidates having to undergo a C# – core language for game developers – assessment to demonstrate competence in the programming language.

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To be eligible for the GameUpAfrica Bootcamp, intending applicants must reside in any of Nigeria, Ghana, or Kenya. Applicants are also expected to have a basic knowledge of programming languages such as C#, C++, and PHP and also own a PC.

The applications opened on Monday, July 19, 202 and it closes by August 2. And as the assessment is scheduled to hold on August 9, 2021, the Bootcamp shall commence on August 16.

Selected applicants will go through a virtual training program where they will learn to refine, package, and develop Android games between August 16 and December 23, 2021.

Some of the criteria on which selected participants will be judged are based on 3 metrics viz; competence, commitment, and creativity.

With notable games such as Aboki Run, Whot King, and Jungle escape in Maliyo Games kitty, Google’s partnership will expand the curriculum, mentorship as well as increase the scope to reach multiple locations with as many as 500 applicants selected. Google will also provide Playstore support which will ensure successful publishing of content on Google’s App Store.

In 2020, Maliyo Games initiated the programme by successfully training and graduating 7 participants in the Bootcamp and retained 1 in Maliyo Games.

With the GameUpAfrica Bootcamp, Africa’s gaming community is on its way to contributing a major chunk to the over $121.1 billion global mobile gaming industry.

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