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Apply For The Udacity/Access Bank Advance Africa Scholarship 2021

Access Bank and Udacity are partnering to give 1,000 people access to free nano-degrees in key IT skill areas for which there’s a growing demand. If you’re interested in skilling up for today’s job market, here’s an opportunity you could use.

The Advance Africa Scholarship is a program designed by its organizers to build a pipeline of talents for Africa’s emerging tech industry.

Udacity is providing 1,000 learning opportunities in fields such as Programming, Data Science, Business Analytics, Product Management, and Digital Marketing. These opportunities are sponsored by Access Bank.

As part of this program, beneficiaries of the scholarships will complete real-world projects and build their portfolios, which will be proof that they have acquired skills in their learning areas.

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Applicants who are selected for the program will enjoy the following:

•A free nano-degree program that equips them with highly sought after tech skills

•Interaction with classmates from across a wide geographical area, and connecting with an enthusiastic student community

•Classes are hosted by experts and on-demand tutors


•Applicants must be 20 years or older

•They must be willing to invest between 5 and 10 hours per week in the program

•A first degree in a STEM field is an advantage, as is evidence of an interest in pursuing an IT or digital career

How The Program Will Unfold

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, August 31.

About 10,000 people selected from the pool of applicants will take part in a Challenge Course. There will be four cohorts of this course, each comprising 2,500 participants.

In this first phase, students will work on one of five initial Challenge Courses (Business Analytics, Intro to Programming, Programming for Data Science with Python, Product Management, or Digital Marketing), including course text, content, and quizzes. This will take five weeks.

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Scholarship winners, selected from the initial four cohorts, will be announced on October 28.

These students, numbering 1,000, will take the nano-degree courses in one of the five areas they have selected (Business Analytics, Intro to Programming, Programming for Data Science with Python, Product Management, or Digital Marketing). This will also be in four rolling cohorts, each with 250 full scholarships. The first of these cohorts will begin their course on October 29.

Again, the deadline for applications is Tuesday, August 31.

To apply for the Udacity Access Bank Advance Africa Scholarships 2021, click here. 

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