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Award To Recognize The Most Influential Showbiz People

Stingomania Records is recognizing the most popular entertainers since independence, the most influential person in movies since independence and the most influential person in comedy since independence, amongst other categories…

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In order that the labor of our past and present heroes don’t go in vain, the Stingomania Records is putting up an award project that will honor past and present entertainers in different categories: Movies, Music, Radio, Newsprint, Corporate Bodies, Comedians, Event promoters/Marketers, Executives and Theater. The award project has such categories as the most popular entertainer since independence, the most influential person in movies since independence and the most influential person in comedy since independence. In addition, Stingomania Records, the brains behind the awards, will also honor the most influential person in sports since independence, most influential executives in entertainment and the most influential corporate bodies in entertainment will also be honored.

The award will have a special 13-event program to honor, encourage and recompense the top 100 most influential people in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry in the last 50 years. Golden Jubilee Award, an award that is only the best of the best can get a hold on. The full project will start with a book compilation of the 10 most influential people in entertainment in the last 50 years in 10 different categories of the entertainment and these will be suited by a 13 week television documentary. Each segment with a panel of discussants analyzing the top 10 nominated people and viewers will be franchised to vote for the most influential person in each category to win the award of the most influential person in their respective categories.

Already, an array of eminent personalities in the entertainment industry across the country has been drawn to select the best of our heroes past. Confirmed panelists and commentators include Patrick and Ireti Doyle, Joke Silva, Olu Jacobs, Dayo Adeneye, Dele Momodu, Seye Kehinde, Lancelot Imasuen, Emem Isong, Mahmoud Balogun, Amaka Igwe.

The list of the nominees is too intricate as individuals in each category are legends in their own rights, the likes of Hurbert Ogunde, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Art-Alade snr, Ali Baba, Mike Bamiloye, Omotola Jalade, Haruna Ishola, King Sunny Ade, Baba Sala, Ebenezer Obey amongst many others will definitely produce the best and only the best among the best will get a hand on the award.

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