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Brands We Love: Flour Mills Of Nigeria

Flour Mills of Nigeria is one of the leading brands in Nigeria’s food and agro-allied processing industry. The company boasts a long history of contributions to the agricultural sector in Nigeria, with its many products and its involvements across many segments of the agribusiness value chains.

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Wheat milling forms the backbone of the company (as may be inferred from its name). But it’s also involved in several other agricultural concerns, spanning farmlands, food manufacturing, and business support services.

Flour Mills of Nigeria was incorporated in 1960. It was founded by George Coumantaros, a Greek immigrant, who went on to serve at the top of the company for several decades. In its early years, it was principally a flour mill, a pioneer of this niche in the country.

Following the establishment of its first mill in 1962 at Apapa, Lagos, the company ventured into agriculture with the acquisition of a 10,000-hectare farm in Niger State in 1978. In the years that followed, it began processing maize, soybeans, sorghum, sugarcane, cassava, and palm fruit.

Many Flour Mills’ products fall under the Golden Penny brand. Perhaps the most well-known item in this category is the Golden Penny Pasta, one of Nigeria’s top pasta brands. Sub-brands include Spaghetti, Macaroni, Twists, and Couscous. It also produces ball foods like semovita and garri, and a wide variety of flour products.

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Among the most significant investments of the Flour Mills of Nigeria has been in sugar production. It has four products in its sugar category: Premium White Granulated Sugar, Premium White Sugar for beverages, Premium White Sugar for bakers, and Premium White Sugar cubes.

In 2021, Flour Mills of Nigeria announced that it was expanding the Sunti Golden Sugar Estates—its sugar manufacturing facility –to 22,000 hectares. This move has been read as a sign that the company sees great promise in its sugar production business.

Its agro-allied segment covers edible fats and oils, including pure vegetable oil, pure soya oil, Golden Penny Margarine, and Golden Penny Spread; starches like cassava flour and industrial starch; as well as fertilizer and urea. There’s also a whole line- Topfeeds –dedicated to poultry.

Besides growing and processing agricultural products, the Flour Mills of Nigeria also makes polypropylene sacks, for its own use and for external clients. This sub-brand, Bagco, has the capacity to produce 32 million bags per month.

There’s a county-wide haulage service too—the Golden Penny Transportation Company—with a large fleet of trucks, headquartered in Lagos.

For over sixty years, the Flour Mills of Nigeria has served millions of customers across Nigeria, in diverse ways. It’s conceivable that it will continue to do so in the years to come.   

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