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Brands We Love: NASCO Foods

NASCO Foods is one of Nigeria’s oldest food product manufacturers. And it’s still a dominant player in the fast moving consumer goods segment. You will find its biscuits and cereals lining the shelves and filling the carts at supermarkets and shopping malls all over the country.

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This brand is part of the larger NASCO conglomerate that also includes soap, detergent, rice mill, property, and logistics companies.

The group commenced operations in 1963 as a jute bag production factory. Located in Jos, the facility was the first of its kind in West Africa and provided agribusinesses with bags they needed to store and move their products across long distances.

Since then, NASCO has diversified into other industries. NASCO Foods has emerged as its most successful arm, reaching millions of customers over the years.

One of its products, the NASCO Cornflakes, has featured on breakfast menus of numerous households for decades. Today, three variants of this product exist; the NASCO Cornflakes Original, NASCO Frosted Cornflakes, and the NASCO Vanilla and Cinnamon. There are also snack-sized versions of the original and frosted flakes.

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There are several biscuits on NASCO’s product list as well. Many of them contain flavoured creams. They include the Banana Cream, Strawberry Cream, Vanilla Cream, and Chocolate Cream brands. There’s also the Rodeo, a chocolate flavoured sandwich biscuit; the Shortcake butter biscuit; Glucose Biscuit, Digestive Biscuit; and Cream Crackers.

These edibles are manufactured at NASCO’s factory in Jos, Plateau State, and moved to stores across West Africa by its strong network of distributors. This network has contributed to the company’s enduring dominance, as its members are firmly rooted in many of the region’s key consumer markets.

As an organization aware of its position in the country, NASCO has been involved in several CSR projects. They have supported programs in education and healthcare and promoted clean water initiatives. Recently they have donated resources to communities and governments to enable them to alleviate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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