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Car Owners to Earn Money Through

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Did you ever think that you could make money by driving to work, visiting friends, driving to the supermarket, to church etc.? has launched a platform that matches everyday people (car owners) –who want to earn extra income with brands that want effective mobile Out-Of-Home exposure.  Brands will travel with car owners where they work, where they live…and where they drive.

This form of paid to drive advertising on- vehicles is the first of its kind in Nigeria and set to make driving rewarding for both car owners and advertisers. All a car owner needs to do is to sign up on and register for free. Subsequently, advertisers can also pick cars to brand easily on the website. serves as the link between people who are willing to display commercial campaigns on their cars and the advertiser. Advertising spaces on billboards and traditional advertising mediums can be quite expensive for advertisers hence the need for new and impactful channels.

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This advertising medium poses enormous benefits for both the car owner and advertiser. The car owner will be compensated for every month which they have the advertisers’ campaign on their vehicle – which enables them to make extra cash. Advertisers benefit from getting enormous exposure for their brands, reaching their target markets for a lower cost than they would have to spend on other traditional and non-traditional medium of advertising.

The application of vehicle branding cuts across multiple uses; SMEs, FMCGs, political parties, NGOs, corporate organisations etc can all benefit from this form of advertising for their campaigns. is available to interested car owners and advertisers in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Benin, Ibadan, Warri, Enugu and Calabar.

For more information, visit  www.

  •  +234-807-5299-839; 01-4531382


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