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#CNBizFair 2019: Day 2 Wrap-Up

Day 2 and the grand culmination of the 2019 edition of the Connect Nigeria Business Fair, was the icing on the cake for the two day-long event.

Why Entrepreneurs Stuggle With Sustainability & Continuity

Attendees were thrilled to riveting conversations bordering on sustainability, continuity and organizational growth.

In the day’s first session, leading business experts discussed the need for business owners to abandon the idea of ‘doing business just to make money’, and rather focus on being entrepreneurs who are providing a solution to a growing need in their immediate environment and globally.

The entrepreneur who is focused on making money may eventually have good success, but, there is only so far that entrepreneur would go.

On the other hand, the business owner who is focused on solving a need, has the potential to structure and run a self sufficient organization.

Olufunmi Odunuga – Systemspecs

The first speaker of the day, Olufunmi Odunuga from Systemspecs, spoke on the need for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to have effective structures in place; structures that would possibly outlive the business owner.

Ayotunde Coker – Rack Centre

For Ayotunde Coker of Rack Centre, building a sustainable business has a little more to do with the team than the entrepreneur.

According to Coker, entrepreneurs who surround themselves with the right people have a better chance at building self sufficient businesses than most.

Tunde Balogun – Rent Small Small

Tunde Balogun from Rent Small Small, reiterated the very evident need for aspiring business owners to go into business for the right reasons. He also admonished entrepreneurs to find lasting solutions to problems they face in their day to day activities rather than throw money at it.

Opeoluwa Senbanjo – Value Media

Opeoluwa Senbanjo from Value Media, admonished entrepreneurs to build strategies that factor in the competition as well as the potential customers of the business.

According to Senbanjo, business owners who are afraid to fail never take daring steps, unbeknownst to them that risks should not be feared, rather they should be embraced and taken intelligently.

Fela Durotoye – Gemstone Nation Builders

Finally, Fela Durotoye, of Gemstone Nation Builders, spurred entrepreneurs to think big rather than remain boxed up. Aliko Dangote once faced the same issues many entrepreneurs face today, yet he refused to see the problem with Nigeria’s economy, instead he saw a solution he could provide.

According to Durotoye, the only way a business owner can thrive in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world is if the entrepreneur outgrows the decline in their immediate environment.

One handy tool every entrepreneur must posses is a growth mindset, and the ability to align their team to run with their vision.

The Importance of Scaling Up Your Business

In the second session of the day, the speakers indulged attendees on the topic; The Importance of Scaling Up Your Business.

Saudat Salami – Easyshop Easycook

The first speaker, Saudat Salami, counseled entrepreneurs to embrace failures and treat them as a learning curve for growing their businesses. Salami encouraged entrepreneurs to make partnerships that will ultimately grow their businesses.

Florence Opawoye – Win-Win Kitchen

Florence Opawoye from Win-Win Kitchen, also advised entrepreneurs to focus on building a strong team and focus on their core products.

Ayodeji Balogun – AFEX Nigeria

For Ayodeji Balogun, AFEX Nigeria, the entrepreneur’s focus should be on growing revenue not the cost. He also admonished potential entrepreneurs to know all they can about a market before they start out.

Onyeka Akumah – Farmcrowdy

Onyeka Akumah, Farmcrowdy, spoke on the need for entrepreneurs to be fast about implementing ideas and stick to their core products.

An important trait every entrepreneur must posses is the ability to think wide and fast.

According to Akumah, entrepreneurs who think and stay small are only giving room for other businesses to underclass them.

Attendees were also indulged in several masterclasses presided over by a number of leading business experts across several sectors of the economy:

  • Tokunbo Adetona – 5 Financial Lessons In Business
  • Uju Obuekwe – Branding and Packaging
  • Engr. Olu Aiyegbusi – Agribusiness Value Chain
  • Nneka Okekearu – Creative Enterprise
  • Ejieke Ezeadiugwu – Empowering the Nigerian SMEs Through Locally Hosted Cloud Technology

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