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CN Writers’ Conference 2019: A Gathering Of Writers

Saturday, 21st September, 2019, was a memorable day. This day, one of the single largest gathering of Writers in Nigeria, of different categories, met in Lagos for the Connect Nigeria Writers’ Conference.

In a career that does not seem lucrative, the event tagged, “The Business of Writing: Translating Writing Into Money”, was a platform where writers met with those making impact in the field. It afforded the later the opportunity to share their experiences with other writers on the potentials that abound in choosing writing as a career path.

The event divided into two parts, the Workshop and General Panel session, featured some these prominent writers including Sally Kenneth Dadzie and Efe Paul Azino who handled Fiction and Poetry Workshop respectively. At the Panel session, important subject related to writing were discussed.

Oghenekome U. Ozoro and Abegunde Sunday explained the concept of editing/Publishing; the second session examined Professional Writing like Journalism &Business Writing and Arukaino Umukoro, Awele Ilusanmi, and Joey Akan did justice to it. After the break, the third session on Creative Writing including, poetry, fiction & non-fiction, was the subject for Sally Kenneth Dadzie, Vangegh Begha, Chioma Ngaikedi and Olu Balogun. By the time the Dare Olaitan and Tomilola Adeyemo finished with the last session on Content Writing focusing a script writing, the participant had jotted tips, strategies and had their many of their questions answered.

The speakers shared from their experiences how they have surmounted the challenges, though uniquely, that writers encounter. They placed emphasis on various concepts like: Good Content + Good Package + Good Marketing = Great Sales. They also provided credible tips to help writers achieve this.

At the end of the Q&A session, the participating audience were charged up with new perspective and energy to write.

At the event were representatives from Okada Books, who provided potential customers answers and guided them in using the platform to promote and translate their writing into wealth.

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