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Did You Know? 5 Meals That Can Be Prepared With Coconut Pulp


Wastes are everywhere around us, a daily part of our lives. Most of our daily wastes are thrashed. This is largely because even though we live in an era of limitless possibilities, an era where rubbish can be transformed into something beautiful, we rarely have the patience to try or the imagination to picture something beautiful emerging from the ashes of our waste.

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Coconut pulp is the residue from coconut milk extraction. Most of us dispose of it. Though it looks like it’s finished, it’s actually reusable. For starters, when coconut pulp is dried and ground smoothly, it becomes coconut flour. It can be used to make meals like

Cake: You can substitute all-purpose flour with coconut flour in cake making. But baking with coconut pulp is usually tricky. However, if you persevere, a healthy and oh so delicious cake will be your reward. Coconut flour adds a natural sweetness to cakes. What’s more, cakes made with coconut pulp are diabetic and keto-friendly.

Smoothie: Surprised? Well, don’t be. Like I told you earlier, coconut pulp is versatile. It can be added to smoothies to enrich its taste and(or) thicken its texture.

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Coconut Fufu: New members of the weight watchers club, oya pay attention. That coconut pulp you’ve been discarding can actually make a low carb swallow for you. Just dry your coconut pulp in an oven, blend it to have a smooth flour and then make it the same way you make your semo. Let me chip in here that because coconut flour is gluten-free, it needs another healthy flour that can bind it. Therefore, if you want to make coconut swallow, you can use low carb binders like Psyllium husk or Xanthan gum to bind your coconut fufu.

Breaded Chicken: This is another great way to use your coconut flour. Just dredge the fried chicken in whisked egg then roll it in coconut flour. The egg and the oil the chicken will be fried in will help the flour’s moisture absorption.

Coconut Puff Puff: This snack is a Nigerian puff puff with a twist. It is made with the addition of coconut milk and coconut pulp. The coconut pulp adds a bit of crunch to the puff puff. You’ll find this snack refreshingly delicious.

I hope that these food ideas have shown you that even coconut pulp is full of possibilities. So, the next time you make coconut milk, save the pulp and make something delicious with it.

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