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Did You Know? Bolanle Austen Peters Didn’t Plan to be a Movie Director

Bolanle Austen Peters, founder of Terrakulture and director of the recently released film Bling Lagosians, didn’t plan to be in the Nigerian film industry. In fact, she wanted to be a dancer.

In an interview with Okay Africa, Austen Peters (fondly nicknamed BAP) said, “I have always wanted to dance and I loved theatre. In those days, however, you had to study a professional course, so I decided to study law. I continued to love the arts even while studying law.”

Austen Peters went on to become a successful international lawyer with the United Nations before she returned to Nigeria. She established Terrakulture in 2003, then went on to set up BAP Productions as a company that produces stage plays.

Bling Lagosians is the first film directed by Bolanle Austen Peters. Since it’s release on the 26th of June 2019, it has been a must-see. Have you seen Bling Lagosians? What do you think?


Okay Africa

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Featured image source: The Guardian Nigeria

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