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Different Exercises for Different Body Types

Being in shape and having that killer-body is all the rage right now. Guys want to look fully ripped; ladies want that perfect body definition.

Alongside gaining an attractive body tone, the amazing effects of a regular exercise routine to your health cannot be over emphasized.

That said, have you ever wondered why some people don’t really get to achieve their body goals?

Yes, for some it could just be lack of dedication, genuine health issues, or their junk food diet. However, some others who actually put time into their daily routines do not really get their desired result.

There are a ton of reasons why this could be so, including inconsistent routines, improper nutrition to help the muscles recover and build mass, and of course engaging in the wrong exercises.

Knowing your body type and defining your workout goal is the most important step in your journey to getting the body you want.

Before you take up any routine, you must first make sure that it is right for your body type.

Type A

If you’re skinny and want to build muscles, you belong to this category.

All you actually need to do is engage in light and steady cardio, like a brisk walk for about an hour, 5 to 8 minutes of jump rope, and 10 minutes of shadow-boxing or dancing everyday.

Type B

This category is for those who just want to shed some excess weight and build their muscles.

If you fall under this category, you’ll have to repeat the steps above. However, you’ll need to add a few intense workouts to your routine. Intense sessions of running, swimming, and circuit training can help you lose weight. When you have shed that weight, you can then return to the first step to build your muscles.

Type C

If you want to shed a whole lot of weight, you’re in this category.

Your routine is the same as for those in Type B. However, just like Type B, you’ll need to add even more intense workout sessions to help you lose that excess weight.

Incorporate longer minutes of intense cardio sessions to your routine and keep at it till you’ve achieved your weight loss goal. Then you can revert to the exercises for Type A, to help you build your muscle mass.

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Achem Samuel is a writer and a musician, he is passionate about God and also an ardent fan of tech, sports and music.

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