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Easy Tips On Establishing A Tech Business In Nigeria


Before 2020 and the occurrence of the pandemic, having a Tech company was a grey area that many people avoided with their full chest. This was especially so in Nigeria where only a few percentages of the populace fully understood the import of technology in nation-building at large.

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After the pandemic hit and many businesses had to work remotely, there was a notable rise in the registration of Tech centred businesses. As a result, the interests of many others in tech were piqued. In addition to the advantages of the pandemic, companies like Paystack were acquired for billions and Nigerians saw the new gold mine called tech.

Following this, many people have now moved to create their personal tech businesses to solve various problems in the world. However, they face the challenge of how to establish a tech business in Nigeria.

The first thing to consider before establishing a tech business in Nigeria is the problem you are trying to solve. The country has a myriad of problems and the issue with establishing tech businesses arises when the business does not clearly specify the problem it wants to solve. Identifying the problem is the first step to establishing a flourishing tech business. The solution to this problem must be fast and efficient to allow systems and processes to perform better than before.



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The next important tip to note when establishing a tech business in Nigeria is the audience. What is the market for this solution? Knowing who the audience is, allows you to know what social space to market your tech solutions. For a populace less than 45 years, you can leverage on social media while for 50 above the best mode to reach them is the television. Getting a base audience does not just end the establishment, you must continuously seek to widen or deepen the business clientele.

Thirdly, always deliver. Many tech businesses start up on a promise and fail to deliver with time. Establishing a tech business is hard work and to excel, one must always deliver no matter how small the client base might seem. It is also not just about delivering but about delivering with excellence.

This is especially important because most tech businesses, in seeking wider exposure, ignore the local market. This always bounces to their detriment because the local market is what gives credence to the global economy. In establishing a tech business in Nigeria, your local game must be good and the tech solution delivery must be excellent and in most cases, flexible.

In summary, getting a tech business established in Nigeria is utterly demanding. However, getting the ground game right is important. Know your solution, know your audience and deliver on your promises. It might take a while and a few marketing campaigns but the tech business would definitely fly. Always remember to reach out to Angel Investors and seek for grants to widen your horizon.

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