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Economic Importance Of Using Locally Made Products


Nigeria is a great country with several people and their unique abilities. Nigeria is blessed with rich natural resources and different categories of people who explore them in different innovative ways. Our country has produced a lot of products. These products range from technological to household/domestic products.

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Now the question is, are we actually using these locally made products? Making use of our Naija made products has advantages that cannot be over-emphasised.

Locally made products in Nigeria show symbols of originality. It reminds us of our history, our heritage and our pride. Why on earth should a Nigerian dump our made in Nigeria products and import foreign products? This is not right. If as Nigerians we do not patronise our local industries, who will?

Nigeria is our own country and we need to encourage her to develop and grow economically, by putting our heads together to make sure we succeed. All hands must be on deck to encourage the use of our locally made products.

Apart from the fact that using locally made products show our genuine interest in our country, it also helps to save us from some untold economic hardship. When all we do is import products into our country without having anything to export, there is no doubt, an economic setback is sure.

Presently, there is a large percentage of importation of consumables in Nigeria. Why should this be so? We import foodstuff, technology, machines, and equipment, stationery, cars and other automobiles, household products, etc. Our level of import would have been way lower than this, if only we made use of our local products.

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Regrettably, the problem is that we don’t believe in the capabilities of our country; we don’t believe that Nigeria can produce quality products, hence, the perceived decrease in the production of made in Nigeria products.

Several stories have been told of the situation where products made in Nigeria are engraved with ‘made in China’ or ‘made in the US’. One cannot blame the manufacturers because the citizens of the country do not want to patronise made in Nigeria products. So, for them to sell, they have to change the originality of the products. This is demoralising and so much of a discouragement to the manufacturing sector in Nigeria.

Can one believe that Nigeria, a country rich in human and mineral resources will need to import petrol because there are just a few functional oil refineries? The oil is exported in its raw state for refining and is imported as refined oil. This can only be the result of national vices like corruption. At this stage, Nigeria should be one of the A-listed countries in terms of a robust economy, but because of our over-dependence on importations, it is not yet so.

There is hope, but the status quo needs to change. The only way to help this country is to do it in our own little ways. Patronise locally made products, be proud of made in Nigeria products and be good compatriots. Nigeria is ours and we need to protect and preserve her image.

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Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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