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Essential Rules for Raising Kids in a Technology World  

Everyone is catching the technology fever, including kids. Today, many children are addicted to technology in a manner which has many parents worried. They request their parents purchase the latest tech gadget for them despite the fact the parents know little or nothing about these devices. However, it is imperative that parents know how to deal strategically with issues like this. Some guides to raising kids in a world of technology are explained below:

Technology should not be discouraged in your home
Technology is ubiquitous and is the future. Preventing your children from embracing technology might result in their being tech illiterates in the future. So, it is better to welcome this new way of life into your home so that they will not be left out in the society in the future.

Restrict access to social media and other websites
If your kids are not old enough to buy their gadgets themselves, you should either buy a phone that doesn’t browse or block access to social media-Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other websites that might leave them vulnerable.

Moderate use
Children are wired to be imaginative and inquisitive. It is when you stop them from accessing technology that they become curious. They want to know why you want to stop them using. It is better to allow them to use it but moderately. To prevent overuse, restriction of internet access to certain times of the day can help. Even when you are not home, they will abide by this timeline.

Remember technology is to solve problems
Technology is meant to solve problems not worsen it by getting kids addicted to it. Rather than calling or sending them text messages to your children, you can chat with them via instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, BBM, and Facebook messengers. But do not overdo it. There should be a period you temporarily collect the gadgets from them so that they will not be addicted.

Use apps to monitor your kid’s activities
There are android apps you can now use to monitor the phone or online activities of your children. With these apps, you have control over what they are exposed to. Examples of these downloadable monitoring apps include Kids place, Secure Teen Parental Control, Screen time Parental control and Norton Family Parental Control.


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Adeniyi is a freelance writer and journalist, radio freak, news junkie and budding photographer. He writes on tech, tips and travel for Jovago. Connect with him via Twitter @sleeksavvy.

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