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Facebook Hits 1 Billion Users!

Facebook Inc. has announced today that it has hit the 1billion users’ mark. This is coming 8 years into the launch of the Social Network, by Mark Zuckerberg from his Harvard dorm room. Facebook pivoted the internet towards social media and was at a valuation of $100billion, going public in May. Facebook has had its highs and lows in its history.

It had a number of lawsuits and was accused of privacy flaws, but has continued to dominate the internet, albeit it remains, inaccessible, in China. It contributed to the popular intifada in the Arab World last year and has connected families, friends and businesses, making networking a click away. Facebook’s users continue to grow in Nigeria, reaching the 5 million mark recently.

Facebook added 200 million users in the last year and the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said, “To be able to come into work every day and build things that help a billion people stay connected with the people they care about every month, that’s just unbelievable. I mean, you get to build things here that touch a billion people, which is just not something that you can say at almost anywhere else, so I think that’s really the thing that motivates people.

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