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Gembu, Sweet Adventure for the Fearless

Surrounded by high mountains, Gembu is a quiet and ancient town domiciled in Sardauna Local Government Area in Taraba State. It is noteworthy to say that Gembu is not a place to visit for the timid, especially if one cannot stomach the climb of the mountains as well as the heart-thumping drive along the road linking the town to the world outside.

Upon arrival, you are ushered into a tourism haven featuring warm climate, mixed Nigerian-Cameroonian culture, hospitality to a tilt, tasty cuisine and much more. From Lagos, you can fly to the Adamawa airport where you may join a bus heading to Jalingo, the capital of Taraba State.

Top three sites include:

Mambilla Plateau
The Mambilla Plateau is a poster-destination for Gembu and Taraba at large. This widely known plateau has one of the best weather conditions in Nigeria. With an elevation of 5,249 ft. above sea level, making it the highest Plateau in Nigeria, the plateau is quite a spot for tourists. For the best experience, a climb atop the plateau which will give you a picturesque, unforgettable and lifetime view of Gembu.

Chappal Waddi Mountain
The Chappal Waddi Mountain is just a stone’s throw from the Mambilla Plateau. It is the highest peak in Nigeria with an elevation of about 2,419 meters. For tourists visiting Gembu, they have to decide which they would rather hike the Mambilla Plateau or the Chappal Waddi as the fact is, one can’t climb both in one day.

Mbamnga and Ndumyaji Cave
The Mbamnga-Ndumyaji Cave is a popular cave in Gembu. Displayed on the cave is a conspicuous footprint of an ancient warrior at the rock at Kabri, the rock with a horse footprint at Hienary, and the historic site of the ancient blacksmith.

Would you love to tour?
Hotels in Gembu are very affordable. You can get a comfy room for less than ₦3,000. Alternatively, you can decide to return to Jalingo if you do not want to spend the night in Gembu. Hotels recommended by Jovago include Bizare hotel, Camp Lavet Hotel, Jankada Motel, Alkun Suite and Dove City Suite.

In addition to the Gembu Old Market Square for shopping, dotted around the town of Gembu are chalets which offer mostly or only consumer goods.

Dhanwate, miyan tushe, tuwo shinkafa, and fura de nunu are some the cuisines you will find in Gembu. Like the stores, there are small restaurants and the best way to get a good place to eat is to talk to a local to recommend a restaurant.

Did you know?

The Mambilla Plateau is free of mosquitoes and tse-tse flies.


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