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Growing Your Nigerian E-commerce Website to Make Sales

Every customer that visits your e-commerce platform is coming with certain questions in his mind. He has the cash in the hand and he sees the product he wants to buy. The only thing standing in his way from purchasing the product are the questions that he has come to your platform with.

This article is created to address all the key questions every product page must answer for every customer visiting your website. The emphasis is not on what you need but what your customers need to see, hear and experience on your website.

6 key questions every product page must answer:

  1. What does the product look like?
  2. How does the product work?
  3. How big or small is the product?
  4. Can the product be delivered and how much is it?
  5. Is the product returnable?
  6. How can I trust your brand?

What does the product look like?

The first question you have to cover comes down to what the product actually looks like! Nobody is going to buy something that they can’t see. It’s important when building your site, that your prospects understand what they are buying.

If you own an eCommerce website for t shirts, you can showcase various colours of the product, and multiple photos for various sizes. It’s absolutely critical and is the first question your website must answer.

How does it work?

The second question comes down to functionality, simply put, a confused customer doesn’t convert and you need to make it absolutely clear what your product does and how it does it!

You might think that people will just understand your product and how it functions. Definitely you understand how your product functions and how it works, but you know who might not- your customers.

It’s important to have two kinds of copy:

  • How the product functions.
  • How it will work for your customer.

Some companies use images of children laying with complex devices to show how it easy it is, even a child can use it. Portraying how the easy it is to use on your website helps to ease the buying decision your customer has to make.

Bridging the gap on providing this information showcasing how the customer will enjoy your product is key to growing your sales on your e-commerce site.

How big or small is it?

Size always matters. It makes no difference if you’re selling apparel, home goods or courses, you need to share exactly how big or small something is. It can be a major deal breaker.

This is a science question really; people need to know how your products will fit into their lives. For example, if I’m buying from a furniture store, I’d like to see how the furniture fits into the house space.

If the website tells me with images how it fits into my dining room, that will encourage me more to make a purchase much faster than before.

Like this iPad Apple advert:

Apple uses the iPad and pencil to show you just how thin the new iPad is. This influences the buyer’s decision to purchase an iPad.

It’s important to appeal to people in their language, using comparisons and use the language that people use when they surf on websites.

Can it be delivered and for how much?

It’s important to add information about delivery, especially when your customers are in the cart, be sure to explain who you can ship to and how much it is going to cost for shipping. If you cannot ship to particular locations, do state that upfront as well.

According to comScore, orders with free shipping average 30% higher conversion rate. Some shipping questions can include:

  • Do you ship internationally to Nigerians in the diaspora?
  • As a local business, can you deliver to my area?
  • How long will it take to get my product?

Am I able to return it?

This is one of the best ways to mitigate risk, answer this question and you’ll really start seeing an improvement. Customers might be asking if the product can be delivered to you, how much it is going to costs, and when will they get refunded? Some may also ask if it’s possible for them to return it if they don’t like it. Ensure you pay attention to these questions to grow trust for your brand.

How can I trust this brand?

Trust comes second to none. You’re asking people to give you their money, people hate parting with money; in fact the part of our brain that experiences pain is triggered when we part with our cold hard cash.

Make it easier and answer whether they can trust you! All the questions above are designed to build trust with your customers. But these points alone cannot build trust with your customers, people sometimes need to know that you are an actual registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, so you need to go an extra mile as to explain to your visitors who you are and why your visitors can trust you further.

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Akanbi Adedamola is an entrepreneur, author, and digital marketer. He is the Founder of a food procurement, logistics, and delivery company and also manages the SEO and content marketing of He enjoys writing, marketing and making sales. Connect with him by clicking the icons below

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