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How Experience Kills

When you think of us Nigerians well enough, you will come to find out our many errors. We have a government that promised change at all levels of governance. These leaders play on one philosophy that has held our psyche hostage.

They say experience is almost always everything there is to competence. That you need more experience to lead even when you led in the past and Nigeria did not witness any change. That your failure in the past will help us create change today. That you led a ministry to eradicate poverty and you left the people poorer than you met them. Now you are a ministerial nominee cleared by a feeble assembly to lead the same people whose poverty stems out of your ineptitude.

With an overwhelming youth population, none is experienced enough to clinch your appointment orgies. None is experienced!

You don’t know about creativity, that your pack of experienced dinosaurs can hardly provide the desired system that will turn around to fortune. The so-called experience you front has held us back since independence. Experience kills because it traps your mindset to old systems, using old people to find solutions to the problems of the jet age. That is how experience kills!

The systems you developed in the past with your experience only made us poorer and now you are back with that experience, talking and leaping for another fresh round of only God knows what.

Experience is not useful if the only visible result it achieves is poverty. As I write, there is a 24-year-old girl in the British parliament contributing maximally to entrench national development.

Here, you erode the school system. A young Nigerian manages to go through it creatively. He survives all the traps you set to kill him and when he sets out you say he has no experience. That he is not employable. Excuse me! You are the one who can’t lead. You are not employable! You can’t lead! You are the burden that we must do away with first before any other. Don’t look at us, get out!

Nigerians don’t need experienced people as much as they need creative people. We can do with creative people irrespective of their age. We don’t need experienced theives. Your experience is a scam! One vibrant creative young Nigerian at a time and this country will rise towards the pinnacle of greatness that she is designed for. This is how to break forth from the stronghold.

You can’t became a principality and at the same time parade yourself as experienced. We want the change to come through a creative approach to modern governance. We need to unbundle the stratosphere and deconstruct our system for higher coherence. We must define new ways – creative solutions to mining, banking, governance, economy, religion, education, foreign policy, agriculture and employment.

If we find our faith set on a rail other than the aforementioned scale we will have sunk into oblivion. The creative part of our gleaning rests in the chambers of young minds who have redefined music, sports, film making, comedy and education without government support.

We are the change givers. Our minds hold all the nuances of change, so much so that this generation will witness our manifestation. The change we desire is stirred from inside out. We are the change!



About the Writer: Evans Ufeli is a lawyer and the author of acclaimed novel, ‘Without Face’. He is also an Alumni member of the Writers Bureau, Manchester, a highly sought-after conference speaker with a passion for the concept of change. He lives in Victoria Island, Lagos. You can contact him via Facebook: Evans Ufeli, Email:, Twitter: @Evansufeli and Phone: 08037712353. He blogs

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