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How To Create Your Niche Audience


When trying to break a company through its first 3 years, the challenge comes in the place of knowing the specific audience to target for that growth. While there might be a product waiting to be launched, there is a problem of the right audience that would cause enough wave to bring that product to the media attention.

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Companies’ confusion range from the right consumer age to the right geographical location, to other factors that are too many to mention. The challenge is to dispense resources in the right place.

Firstly, a company or start-up has to perform a detailed survey before launching their products out of the general audience. A survey is a written document that has a list of questions that contain objective or demand answers. These questions allow the end products users to give their opinion on questions that the companies seek to answer. The printed question would most likely relate to the products, services or customer experience.

A survey can be conducted within small or large groups. It can also be targeted at organisations or universities. In fact, it does not matter where, all that matters are the data that returns as a result of this survey. The outcomes of surveys are the first step towards enabling a company to make a great selection from the mass availability of an audience for their product.

The next cost-effective way to create a niche audience is to Conduct Beta testing. Beta testing is when company developers release a controlled version of an app or solution to a select group of people. This is to see their interaction with the product, to see how much time users spend on the app or how seemly the user experience becomes.

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What beta testing does is that it selects from a pool of already existing customers and allows for these companies to know how their products affect these users. It helps to pick out which group of users are more likely to push the new experience forward. With this information, they are able to find their niche audience.

The last most widely used tool in Nigeria is the Sample Release. Most companies that are into product manufacturing, produces smaller sachets of a new product they intend to release into the market and give it for free to the wider audience. They send these free samples to the market they intend to infiltrate to see what user reaction would be like.

The company creates quotas for different branches. From the feedback and demand for the free sample, the company is able to redirect resources to produce the full products to areas with higher demand for the samples. Where there are lesser demands, the company withhold entry and save money.

These are simple ways that companies all around the world and in Nigeria can employ to find their niche audience. As a start-up, finding your niche audience is not as hard as it might seem. It will require consistent back and forth. Reliance on real-time information and gathering of loose data from different areas of the country to come to a cumulative decision.

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