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Enjoying A Cruise

Did you see the Instagram videos of Omoni Oboli and Chioma Akpotha cruising through the Arabian Gulf earlier this month? If going on a cruise wasn’t on your bucket list, it should be.

As a Nigerian, there are no cruise liners sailing from our docks to the world. So signing up for a cruise might require you to travel outside Nigeria to a place like Dubai or California where cruise liners begin their journey. Also, you need to get visas for all the countries the cruise liners will stop at for your own off-board tourism experience. Sometimes an American visa might do if you are sailing to the Caribbean other times a Schengen visa is perfect for sailing through Europe. But these should not stop you from going on a cruise to have the time of your life.

1. Look For Budget-Friendly Cruise Lines

You can start your search for an affordable cruise line six months before your vacation. Use Apps or online sites like the cruise line’s website or comparative sites to compare cruise prices of cruise liners to choose the most budget-friendly one for you. Some offer “Kids sail free” all year round on all sailings or on selected sailings packages for children under 11 years of age.

From January – March, some cruise lines drop their prices and offer promos to provide enticing added-value benefits such as free off-shore excursion, room upgrades and so on.  It might be in your favour to book a stateroom rather than individual cabins if you are travelling with your family. They design such rooms for families or larger parties. 

2. Draw Up An Itinerary For The Duration Of The Cruise

Not everything is included in your cruise fees e.g. beverage costs. There are tons of activities that make it hard to choose an itinerary from and some services that carry extra charges. This is where a cruise seller or professional agent comes in handy. They can give you advice on stellar deals not advertised that will ensure you have a great time and come back to book through them. Rumour has it that between August and October you can get the best bargains on itineraries.

In addition, rather than sign up for the cruise line’s off-shore tours, you can research the destinations and plan your own off-shore family activities. You can choose the places you want to see and book your tours with an independent tour agent in that country. It might be cheaper than the 50% offshore excursion package of the cruise line. 

3. Choose a Shorter Duration For Your Cruise

Rather than book a week-long vacation, you can settle for a shorter period like 4- or 5-day cruise. It may seem too short to you but remember why you are going on a cruise. Trying out a shorter time might not only save you extra cash but it can make the period so eventful it becomes truly unforgettable.

If you are interested in signing up for a cruise, you could join our Nollywood celebrities on the Jewel of the Seas Cruise in December. Or you could get in touch with Finchglow Holidays, Centrepoint Ng or Dandp Travels to hook you up.

Source: Cruise Deals

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