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How to Have an Effective Website‏



Are you a fashion designer, baker, web designer, illustrator, or virtual assistant? Is your business customer oriented? Do you have a website? Are you an SME who is good at what you do but as a result of not having enough patronage aren’t making enough money? If so, it’s time to get up and do something new and smart.

Everyone is an information junkie, your strategy must include having an information based website, and not the usual old boring websites that are only about YOU and the services you have to offer. Do you know that you can provide information that is useful to a number of people including your potential customers using multi-media formats like video, slides, articles, audio or a combination of them?

You also have the option of spending a bit of money (on your business) on social media influencers to promote the information you provide rather than the services you render. Pick a social influencer in the target market you are writing for.

For example, if you design bridal gowns, you can offer information on weddings, budgets, rental halls, do short articles on photography, shoes, or make up. You can target these people according to their interests.

The information you provide can be fused together to become a weekly or monthly newsletter. When visitors register for the newsletter, you have their email addresses and thus have another way of communicating with them about new offers, coupons, promos and discount sales.

Make your content relevant to visitors of your website and you will have business rolling in.


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