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How To Make Money On Facebook


Nigerians love Facebook. At least that’s what the data suggests. In 2020, about 27 million Nigerians used Facebook; that’s more than users of all the other social media sites in the country, combined.

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Businesses realize that there are potential customers amongst the millions of people who use the platform. So they’re reaching them with ads, sponsored content, and influencers. Every day, individuals and brands make millions of naira from the mini-ecosystem that’s formed around this social network.

You too can reap gains from Facebook. This article shows you how.

Ways To Make Money From Facebook

Here are seven ways to make money from Facebook.

Sell On A Group

There are Facebook groups that are created specifically for members to buy and sell products and services. A number of them cater to a Nigerian audience. You can look for one of these groups, register, and begin making money by selling to other members.

Sell On Facebook Marketplace

You can put up your products for sale on Facebook Marketplace. It’s a segment on the platform that allows people to list the items they sell. Buyers can click on the listing, view details, and send a message to the seller about purchasing the product.

Sell Directly to Friends

If you have something to sell, why not talk about it with a regular Facebook post? If your product is something that your Facebook friends want, they’ll ask to purchase it from you. Do this either on your personal page or with a business page you’ve created for your enterprise.

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Become A Facebook Ads Merchant

You can make money teaching people how to create effective Facebook ads for their business, or by placing the ad for them yourself. Facebook ads are known to be fairly effective at reaching target audiences, so you’re likely to make good gains by going this route.

Get Social Media Management Gigs

Individuals and businesses may not have the time to update and track posts on Facebook. So they’ll often hire a social media manager to do this for them. If you’ve mastered the Facebook terrain, you could put that knowledge to use as a social media manager for businesses or well-known figures, and get paid for doing so.

Become An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a company’s product and earning a commission on every sale you make. Typically, you’ll have to share a link (or several links) from the company on your page. If anyone buys from the company through the link you’ve posted, you’ll be paid a commission on that sale.

Join Contests

Some contests with promised cash prizes will require you to post a link on Facebook and have your friends vote for you. Sometimes that vote could be something as simple as liking or sharing the post that contains the link. If you get enough likes or shares, you could win some money.

Final Words

Facebook opens many doors for you to earn. All you need to do is to choose a path, hone it, and execute your strategy. This way, you stand a good chance of bringing in extra income from it.

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