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How To Make Money On Instagram In Nigeria


Instagram attracts a lot of users because it’s tailored for visual content. Users can get creative with photos and videos, share these, and get positive engagement from their followers. It’s a fun way to pass time and a tool for showing off the better moments of one’s life.

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But you can do a lot more with Instagram than just posting photos. With a large number of people using the platform, it’s a ready market for business. If you nail your marketing and selling, you could earn handsomely from this social network.

In this article, you’ll learn six ways to make money on Instagram in Nigeria.

Ways To Earn On Instagram

Here are some ways to generate revenues from Instagram.

Become A Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors don’t have to be celebrities. If you have the traits that a business wants in a social representative, they could sign you up for this role. Companies may want someone with a good public image, and the ability to sway the opinions of the people who follow them.

Persons who are involved in community development, have strong networking skills, and are social media savvy may make good candidates for a social media ambassador. It also helps to have a decent-sized following, at least numbering in the thousands.

Depending on the nature of the deal struck, companies may pay brand ambassadors for promoting their products on Instagram or other platforms.

Publish Sponsored Content

This is somewhat similar to the brand ambassador gig, in that you get paid for posts you publish. But there are a few differences. In this case, you’re not tied to a single company; you’re able to earn by promoting different brands.

Companies will typically pay people to publish their content on Instagram if they are an influencer, i.e. they have a large following and are opinion-shapers on the platform. Again, you don’t have to be a big-name celebrity to earn from this. Often—especially for smaller gigs –all that’s required is that you have followers numbering in the thousands, who you engage regularly.

Use Affiliate Links

This belongs in the same sort of category as the first two ways mentioned here. The difference with affiliate marketing is that you have to use a link to the business you’re promoting, and you get paid a commission if someone purchases the business’s product using the link you shared.

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You don’t necessarily need a large following to reap rewards from affiliate marketing. All that’s required is that the people who see your post use the link you’ve shared. However, the size of your following may help, as more followers could mean more clicks for your affiliate links.

Here’s How To Start an Online Affiliate Marketing Business In Nigeria.

Manage Instagram Pages For Individuals And Businesses

You could get paid to manage the Instagram pages of individuals and businesses.

Sometimes, companies will want to outsource the handling of their social media presence, so they can focus on their core operations. And some people, particularly well-known celebrities and top figures in the corporate or sporting worlds don’t have the time to post with their own handles. They hire other people to do that on their behalf.

If you would like to get started as a digital marketer for businesses, have a look at our article, 5 Steps to Starting Your Digital Marketing Business.

Sell Photos And Other Visual Content

Instagram is principally designed for visual content, so it makes sense that you‘d sell your photos on it. If you’re really good with cameras, Instagram could be a fantastic place to showcase your skills with pictures you’ve taken.

Great photos will attract a lot of engagement and following. They could be the springboard for a successful photography business.

While you’re learning the ropes, here are the Top 5 Photographers You Should Be Following.

Sell Your Own Products

This is perhaps the most popular way to earn money on Instagram. But it’s still not being exploited well enough. That means there’s plenty of room for you to start selling your products on Instagram and make an impact there.

Before you start, be sure that you’ve gotten a handle on the various ways to market your business on the platform. For some tips, read our article, Powerful Instagram Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Nigerian Business.

Final Words

Instagram can be more than just your favourite place for nice photos and videos. We have shown you six ways to earn from it. Now, it’s on you to choose the one that works for you, and begin making money off it.

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