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How To Plan To Attend A Lagos Wedding In 2021


Lagos weddings are like the Grammy awards of celebrations. They are highly anticipated and properly prepared for. In Lagos, everybody knows everybody so you should expect the crème de la crème of the society and a number of ‘old money’ to be there.

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Planning to attend a Lagos wedding can be nerve-racking especially if it is your first time. You wake up one sunny morning and receive an invitation from a long lost friend or close acquaintance. The invite is for a wedding; but not just any wedding, a Lagos Wedding! This then begs the question, “What next?” If this description fits you, here is a checklist on how to plan to attend a Lagos wedding in 2021.

Know The Couple

Many people make the singular mistake of thinking that everybody is normal and should have a normal wedding. However, in Lagos, nobody is truly ‘normal’. Rather than asking if the colour for the wedding is purple with a touch of white, ask if the couples are classy with a touch of ‘ment’. This sets the tone for every other preparation you would make starting from your headgear to your dress sense. From the couple, you would know if an evening gown with stilettoes would work or you need to sew Ankara with a slit and then carry a pair of slippers inside your handbag just in case the DJ decides to turn the wedding hall into a clubhouse.

Know Your Tailor

This is the last but not the least thing to consider in planning to attend a Lagos wedding. It is important that you know and trust the designer that you intend to give your guest cloth to because tailors can embarrass you. When you finally get the fashion designer you trust, try to keep your attire closer to your true self. In reality, though, a typical Lagos wedding demands that you go big or go home.

In addition to the above benchmarks, a Lagos wedding demands you to be red carpet ready all time, every time. This is because an average Lagos wedding has all the markings of an event that is bound to trend on numerous social media outlets and you cannot be caught ‘unfresh’!

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Know The Venue

Reception follows immediately does not mean that Lagos traffic would follow immediately. You should do the due diligence of knowing beforehand where the venue of the wedding would be. Is there a place to park your car? Can you easily leave the venue without traffic? Alternatively, would you need to jump buses? Knowing the venue would assist you in deciding between your personal ride and an Uber. Knowing the venue also allows you have some sort of edge in gauging what to expect.

These are a few of the tips on how to plan to attend a Lagos wedding. However, it is understood that you should take your self-esteem along with your dancing shoes because you are sure to get peer pressure tension along with some hot beats. Feel free to comment below on what was your most daunting Lagos wedding experience.

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