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How to Prepare Spicy Ukodo

Ukodo is a spicy traditional meal made by the Urhobo tribe of Delta state. The pepper soup dish consists of plantains and yams, and is believed to be the perfect companion on a cold, wet day. Treat your family and friends to a bowl or two during the next big gathering.



½ medium yam tubers

6 unripe plantain stalks

8 pieces of goat meat

3 tablespoons crayfish

3 stalks of uriere

3 seeds of erie

2 seasoning cubes

Dry pepper

Native salt




1. Boil the goat meat for about 45 minutes

2. Add grinded spices to the meat

3. Add peeled yam to meat and boil mixture for about 20 minutes on low heat

4. Add diced plantain and simmer for an additional 20 minutes.

5. Spice up mixture with seasoning cubes, crayfish, pepper and salt before simmering for an additional 5 minutes.

Your meal is ready to be served!



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About the Writer: Dora George is a Lagos-based writer who likes to learn new things every day. She is also an avid reader and food lover.

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