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How To Setup Google Adsense


Gone are the days when content providers with high traffic websites had no means to monetise the content they produce on their websites. Now, virtually everyone with a good website view count can earn some income from publishing content of varying degrees online.

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Google estimates that over 2 million people use AdSense to generate income in return for what viewership their website is able to command.

Google Adsense is a product courtesy of Google wherein millions of advertisers compete for Ad space on individual or corporate sites. With Adsense, relevant Ads can be served as well as optimised for mobile or desktop. This enhances its chances of being seen or clicked.

The control of the relevance of the Ads is still left to the user as you can lock Ads you do not like, choose which ones fit your site best, as well as customise where Ads appear on your site.

To earn money from your website via Google Adsense, you will need a:

  1. Google Account

If you already have a Gmail account or are subscribed to any other Google service, there is no need to open another Google account.

If not, you can sign up for a Google account by going to and create an account by entering relevant details in the application. Your Google account gets you to access the AdSense service.

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  1. Phone Number And Address

You will have to provide a valid mailing address associated with your bank account so you can get paid for Adsense accruals. Your Adsense income will be paid into your associated bank account.

Also, a valid phone number that can be used to authenticate/verify your identity will be provided by you.

  1. Embed Adsense Link On Your Website

All that you have left to do is to embed a piece of code provided by Google in your site. Google will automatically show ads tailored to your site’s layout, saving you time making changes to ad code.

As Adsense starts working, all you need to do, going forward, is to post content as much as possible and garner viewership to grow your income.

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