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How To Stand Out As A Start Up


Creating a start-up is not rocket science. In this day and time, there are many startups that have been founded by very smart and amazing individuals from all over the world, Nigeria inclusive. Unfortunately, one can see that although these companies provide necessary solutions, they are unable to find a big break that should bring them to the limelight.

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There can be a variation of factors but here are three things that start-ups can work to be a stand out company;

  1. Create A Solution

A lot of start-ups are created to solve individual problems yet, the way to stand out is first to create a general solution. A solution that does not only solve the pinch in your shoes but also of others. This allows you to find your niche audience. A niche audience would support any product that proffers solutions to their problems. If a problem affects a large percentage of people, rest assured that a solution would affect a large number of people. This would in turn bring the focus of the limelight on the start-up and the solutions they offer. This helps to reduce resources directed to advertisements and allows for funds to be redirected to the business branding and expansion.

  1. Create A Community

Many start-up companies forget to create a community that is geared towards supporting their businesses. They assume that they can run their business on an island. This is always likely not the case as one can see from the streets of Twitter. There, a lot of companies simply tweet about their products without interacting with similar business accounts. On the other hand, the companies that thrive strategically troll themselves and engage with other users. This causes traffic and in the long run, growth. This creates a community and allows people to trust the start-up and the services they are offering.

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  1. Create A Campaign

In addition to the above, creating a campaign cannot be overemphasised. Using the example of the tech giant, Apple. During its initial days, they ran a campaign called, “Think Different,”. This campaign allowed people to identify the iPhone brand as the brand that offers the best set of services. Creating a campaign garners feelings of loyalty towards the brand because the audience began to identify with the campaign mantra. They see that asides from their money, the brand promises to offer so much more. It is important for start-ups to look at ways to create campaigns to widen the reach and unify employees and consumers alike.

While the market is seemingly highly saturated, these are sure-fire ways to stand out as a start-up. Other ways include investing in quality social media presence and engaging services of social media managers. This ensures that engaging content is consistently uploaded on the sites. There is room for every start-up to stand up in their own unique way. The point remains that each company should work continuously to give their best towards ensuring that the needs of their consumers are met.

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