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Identifying The Right Personnel To Man Your Startup


Now you have identified a societal problem, created a product out of it and started making little returns. The next on the agenda is to hire the right hands to man the operation. The problem now is finding the right people, the right positions and responsibilities; this could be a Herculean task.

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Here are areas you might need to look at in hiring personnel:

Steps To Hiring People In Startups

  • Hire Gradually

It may seem a little too exciting to start getting people on the team after many months or years of set-up. It’s crucial that you do not rush through the process of hiring. Money is usually tight for startups, so you might need to hire slowly to avail yourself enough time to vet candidates thoroughly. You will need to start by filling management roles. Without filling these roles, your company will have no direction and lack strong leadership. According to research, 65% of business failures are due to management issues. That’s why it’s crucial to start at the top, then expand your team when your resources allow.

  • Hire According To Needs

The time, the people, and the position you want to be occupied will depend on your startup’s specific needs. In a business, you will need to hire people that are flexible, passionate and trustworthy. It is important to hire people who are flexible enough to take on diverse responsibilities until you can expand further. During an interview with candidates, Throw out questions that will reveal the person’s drive and interest to determine how well suited they might be with your company’s culture. In addition, use hands-on simulations to get a sense of how the candidate will act in common work situations.

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  • Hire People You Can Trust

The key to hiring people you can trust is knowing as much about them as possible. You want to be sure that as you are going through the hiring process, you are getting as much information as you can, right away. Although it might seem expensive, you need to run background checks and understand where they are coming from. To avoid this issue, it is most times best to get the referrals of trustworthy personnel within your organisation to serve as a testament to candidates’ integrity.

  • Hire People With Experience

Building a culture that encourages creativity and innovation is a typical mission-critical strategy for startups. This is why it is important that people onboarded must have the right skills to take on this culture. Your startup is a new business and will need people that aren’t only with the right certifications but a degree of experience in the field of concern. Unlike inexperienced candidates who are still on a journey to self-discovery and skill acquisition, experienced candidates are considerably more likely to be grounded. They have cultivated their identities and their work ethics. They already know who they are; strengths, abilities, potential and areas of improvement.

Strengthening your internal relationships (between employees) as well as external ones (between other companies and customers/clients) is very key to startups.

When hiring people, you will need to understand your business’s goals and values. Defining these allows you to find better matches and narrow down the skills and qualities you’re looking for in workers. This thoroughness pays off in the long run.

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