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Did You Know? Three Intriguing Places To Visit


Every day we discover one new place that is not popular on the internet. Here are three intriguing destinations to check out:

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Falcorp Mangrove Park

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Falcorp Mangrove Park – Facebook

To promote eco & leisure tourism in the Niger Delta region, Henry Erikowa created this Warri Zoo and Nature Park, also known as the Falcorp Mangrove Park. This park in the Ijala Ikenren community behind Warri refinery, Warri, Delta state. It is, however, not as high end as most parks in Lagos. The park is home to different species of plants and animals. Such as mangrove and hermit crabs, butterflies, mudskippers, ‘walking trees’, and trees as old as 500 years. Mangroves are a group of trees and shrubs that live in a coastal region like the tropics.

The environment is full of rich green foliage and indigenous fauna. There is enough open space for other entertainment activities. For example, outdoor cinema, taking a swing on the local makeshift swings, enjoying the low canopy walkway, group hangouts/excursions, picnics and walking across the local wooden bridges.

The activities you can do there besides visiting the mini-zoo are fishing, hiking, canoeing, wildlife exploration, bicycle and horse riding. If you are into mud bathing, you can do this here too. If you are eco-conscious, you will have a blast here.

  • Mafara falls

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J Town Guys – Facebook

This breathtaking waterfall in Bassa LGA, Plateau state should be a hot cake. Hidden in a remote village, the Mafara Zungu waterfall is part of a stream flowing through the boundary of Plateau and Kaduna state. Rocks surround the waterfall on one side, and a large patch of greenery on the other side. Though the water looks coloured, the stream is safe for swimming.

Some rocks around the falls look black and the shape of all the rocks in that region is artistic. You can choose to sit under the waterfall or if you are daring enough, take a leap from the height the water drops from.

The aerial view from the top of any rock is splendid. If you intend to visit the falls, carry your own snacks, drinking water, swimwear, hiking shoes, camera for awesome photos, etc. The environment is great for rock climbing, hiking, swimming, picnics and photography.

  • Ogere resort

Ogere resort

This serene resort lies along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway in Ogun State. The resort has table tennis, basketball and a lawn tennis court for sports lovers and an ‘infinity’ looking pool for leisure basking. You are welcome to play games here like PS4 virtual reality games, Ayo (or what the Binis call Ogirise), etc. If you love the human-sized chessboard at Lekki conservation centre, you will love the dwarf-sized version at this resort.

There is an indoor gym and an outdoor obstacle course for fitness-conscious buddies. Families can have a breather with the outdoor kids’ playground and bicycles for riding around. There is a spacious outdoor space for events like early morning workouts (Dance or Aerobics), sack racing and more. The building and rooms are simple and well maintained, service delivery is exquisite and the food variety, though expensive, is super delicious. It is a great place for retreats (group/personal), business travellers and leisure getaways.

Have you ever been to any of these places? What was your review of them?

Featured Image Source: Ogere resort

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