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Introducing Padi4ALife: Airtime-Based Insurance


Padi4Life is an affordable airtime-based insurance. It is a simple and convenient way to access affordable life protection plan with your phone for registered Airtel subscribers at N20/daily with a benefit plan of N500, 000 upon death or total permanent disability.

This secures the Life Assured cover in the event of death and ‘total permanent disability’ (when the Life Assured becomes totally and permanently unable to work in any occupation which the Life Assured is reasonably able to do, given his knowledge, experience, education, training or ability, because of an injury or illness).

The benefit is payable on ‘total permanent disability’ or death from both natural and accidental causes of the Life Assured (Airtel subscriber) subject to the conditions and exclusions noted below.

Note: No medical examination is required

Enrolment Requirements

The following details will be collected for enrolment

  • Name
  • Name of beneficiary
  • Airtel Mobile number of the beneficiary

Note: A scheme member can change a named beneficiary


Each subscriber will be covered once they have registered for the cover and paid the first premium.

Entry Age and Cover Limits

  • Minimum entry age is 18
  • Maximum age to enjoy death and total permanent disability’ benefit shall be 70 years; thereafter a member shall only be insured for death benefit. (This simply means that after a member attains the age of 70, he cannot enjoy the benefit of total permanent disability.
  • The life and disability benefit is N500, 000 and each subscriber is allowed to register a maximum of two Airtel lines. Thus, the maximum benefit per individual is N1million.


The daily premium payable is N20 for N500, 000 benefit per Airtel line (maximum of 2 lines) per individual.

Risk Control and Underwriting

  • A Claim is paid on the death or permanent total disability of a registered Airtel  subscriber.
  •  The beneficiary must be a registered Airtel subscriber.
  • In case an individual registers more than one line, the maximum cover shall be N1million for a maximum of two lines. However, the beneficiary may be the same person for the two lines.
  • The policy ceases once a death or total permanent disability claim is paid.

In the event of death of the assured, the named beneficiary shall present the following original documents to FBN Life via email and in person:

  • Death Certificate.
  • Police Report (If death was as result of accident).
  • Identification card of the beneficiary (Driver’s Licence, Int’l Passport, National ID, National Voter’s card).
  • Means of identification for the deceased – ID card and photograph.
  • Completed claim form must be submitted to FBN Life within 14days of the scheme member’s death/total disability.
  • There will be an initial waiting period of 30 days for death by natural causes (i.e. this refers to the  first 30 days of enrollment for the scheme during which benefit will be payable in case of death resulting from accident only. No cover for death/total permanent disability resulting from natural causes is given during the first 30 days).
  • Claim will be paid 48hours (2 working days) after receipt of all documentation as stated above

For ‘total permanent disability claims’, the following shall be required:

  • Completed physician certificate by the doctor who last attended to the subscriber
  • Police report if the disability is as a result of accident
  • Completed claim form


Claims processes

Claims will be made after receipt of all documentations.


The contract of life assurance shall continue as long as premium is paid as at when due.


The following exclusions apply:

  • suicide or any attempt there at, any intentionally self-inflicted injury or illness; or
  • War (declared), invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power, riot, civil commotion or any act of any person or persons acting on behalf of or in connection with any organization the objects of which are to include the overthrowing or influence of any de jure or de facto government by terrorism or by any violent means provided that the scheme member, does not take part whilst in the armed forces, or otherwise, save where applicable to the extent only of adopting or taking such action or steps as were reasonably necessary for the protection of himself, his family or their property or;
  • Any intentional contravention of any criminal law, whether legislative or at common law, by the scheme member, or by anyone acting on behalf of the scheme member with his permission or knowledge.

Policy Termination

The scheme (and all benefits linked to the scheme) shall be terminated in any case of fraud committed by scheme member.


  • A registered Airtel subscriber if he satisfies other eligibility conditions as imposed by Airtel.
  • A registered Airtel subscriber who voluntarily withdraws by non-payment of premium for 30 days after having enrolled to be a member shall only be eligible to be a member following the re-enrolment process.

Currency and Law

All amounts payable in terms of this scheme, either to or by FBN Life, are payable in the lawful currency of Nigeria. Any question of law arising under this scheme shall be decided according to the laws of Nigeria.

Premium Terms

Premiums are payable daily.

The benefit shall:

  • be paid in all cases of death,
  • be paid to the life assured in case of total permanent disability,

Premium Payment Methods

Premium would be deducted from airtime.

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