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THE OLUFUNKE BAG. Source: Lamide Samuel


Why We Love Lamide Samuel

What strikes you about Lamide Samuel leather bags are their uniqueness and the attention to detail employed by the craftsmanship. Leather sourced and produced in Nigeria, Lamide Samuel’s dream is to become one of Africa’s finest leather accessories label.

Lamide Samuel

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THE OLUFUNKE BAG. Source: Lamide Samuel

Lamide Samuel was founded by Olamide Onyenobia in 2016. A graduate of the University of Ibadan and an HR professional, Onyenobia’s vision is to create handcrafted leather accessories which women will fall in love with. Lamide Samuel creations are varied, perfectly melding the playful and the stylish – something for every woman.

“For me it was genuine deep love for leather. The look, the feel on the hands, the richness and durability; it’s… simply beautiful and worth it.”

– Onyenobia

A young company, Lamide Samuel is already on the path to growth. The company was one of the exhibitors at the Lagos Leather Fair 2018. The brand cupped an award at the fair; the Emerging Designer Award in recognition of exceptional creative flair. Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, the wife of the nation’s Vice President, was in attendance, commenting on the beauty of Lamide Samuel bags.

Woman, Mother, Friend

“Without [my mother’s] support watching my baby, I would never have been able to go out and chase my dreams the way I’ve done.”

– Onyenobia

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THE NEO BAG. Source: Lamide Samuel

Lamide Samuel’s new collection is stunning. Inspired by functionality, the bags are crafted with the “mompreneur” in mind.


The bag has a dual flap, double compartment so that mum can neatly carry both her laptop and journal on one side, and her baby’s bibs and bottle on the other.


Rabana is playful, for those nights out about town with girlfriends.

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THE RABANA BAG. Source: Olamide Samuel


This three-tone curvaceous medium-sized bag pays homage to the creative director’s mother, Olufunke. As the Yoruba say, Iya ni wura: “Mother is supreme.”


Onyenobia’s inspirations come from exquisite French designers, Serge Amoruso and Simon Jacquemus, both eminent in the fashion industry. Her Nigerian influences include Femihandbag and Zashadu, brands whose tenacity she finds encouraging.

The Future

Lamide Samuel plans to set up a factory to aid production, which will also enable the brand create jobs locally for artisans.

Contact Lamide Samuel

You can reach Lamide Samuel at You can also find Lamide Samuel on Instagram.

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