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Lucrative Areas In The Entertainment Industry You Should Consider


Entertainment refers to activities that serve as a leisure or form of relaxation for people to stimulate them into laughter, joy and fulfilment. It encompasses everything that is represented in cinema, television, radio, theatre, and music.

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The commercially centred aspect of entertainment that revolves around performing arts, especially musical theatre, vaudeville, comedy, film, fun and music is known as the show business (show biz). According to Statista research, the entertainment industry constitutes about $ 2.1 trillion in the global revenue generation which is 1 trillion higher than the business market industry. This stands as a fortunate revelation to the profitability of the market.

One of the reasons why the entertainment business seems to thrive is because of its indispensability. Naturally, people love to find a means of diversion from the stress and negative aspect of life, this is what entertainment provides. In an article by Peter G. Stromberg PhD in Psychology Today, it has been observed that entertainment is not only thrilling but also relevant to human development.

Looking back in history, the cavemen drew on walls, danced and created sounds to form musical pieces. Tribes engage in storytelling to preserve memories and transfer knowledge. Humans are development-centred; hence, entertainment is just a means to expand ourselves.

In recent times, entertainment fell into second place for the industry with the most billionaires. The richest individuals in the globe are beginning to fall into the show biz categories after finance and business investment.

The new generation of entertainers is consistently harnessing the power in the industry to penetrate high performing industries such as real estate, technology, real estate and finance through the influence of social media. They make themselves public figures and brands, granting fans to build their relationships with identities they view on TV.

Entertainers are manoeuvring the potentials on social media to amass the support and followership of the millions online. With this, they can create anything, sell a product, provide a service and people will invest in them.

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In Nigeria, entertainment is mostly attributed to music and movies, however, here are some of the other ideas you can pull yourself into if you are interested in having a bite from the income and revenue to be generated in the industry:

Game Stations

There are not so many game stations to service the thirst for the regular Nigerian gaming thirsts. The few available are either located in high-brow environments where the upper-class member of the society are located to the discard of the middle class. A game shot let or a mobile gaming studio in trucks and buses may just be a great business entertainment idea.

Recording Studios

The demand for recording studios is getting skyrocketing high because of the wide indulgence in social media content creation. A lot of entertainers online are more willing to put their act out there and will pay to get recording sessions. Although, the set-up of a studio may take a lot of money, the return of investment, doubles or even triples over time due to the high demands for a recording studio.

Event And Social Media Management

Businesses in Nigeria are beginning to take to the digital side of things with the entertainment industry not excluded. There is a high demand for social media savvy individuals who can serve in in-house capacities. Most times, entertainment celebs or owners could get desperate enough to consult a consultant or firm specialized in providing management services on the social media down to organizing events that could fly online.

Video Editing

Also, content creators on social media platforms, are willing to pay good money to get a professional hand in editing. Especially, in the case of YouTube, Vloggers want a smooth and clear video to hold an audience and attract potential subscribers.

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