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Nkay Seeks To Show Us the Meaningful Life in His “LAM” EP

Me: LAM is dropping this Friday! Get ready to cop it

Friend: LAM? Is that a new type of butter or something?

Me: No silly! I mean, ‘Life a Meaning’, Nkay’s EP?… don’t worry, let me tell you all about it

About 3 years ago, afro-pop gospel artist Nkay came on the scene and gained wide recognition after he dropped “your love” which was produced by GilJoe. The catchy groove and melody just had our heads involuntarily bumping to the beat as we listened to the message being passed across.

Fast forward to now, after a couple more single releases including “A million times” and “Replace”, Nkay is now set to release his long-awaited debut project and its titled “Life a Meaning”; popularly called the LAM EP by him and his fans.

The album which was first scheduled to drop on 29th September 2017 was delayed for a couple of reasons but now the new official release date has been set for this Friday, 20th October 2017.

The 7 track album with songs bearing the classic Nkay sound plunges deeper into the faith walk of the artist as he seeks to show the vanity of youthful lust and human pursuit and the necessity of the ultimate relationship with Christ.

In this project, Nkay seeks to answer very vital questions that stare every one of us in the face. Questions like “why we are here”? and “what is the essence of life”?

Nkay’s holds the view that there has to be more to this life than getting a good job or reaching amazing followership count on social media. If not so, why do the people with all these still feel unaccomplished and even sometimes battle suicidal thoughts?

We all want to know the meaning of life and live the meaningful life, so we wait in anticipation for the release of the ‘Life a Meaning’ EP.

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Nwaoha David is currently studying economics at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is a drummer and generally loves entertainment.

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